End is Near!!! (Pic Heavy) creamy, inset, timeless kitchen

phorbinJanuary 2, 2012

I never thought it would ever get to this point. It was well worth the wait. I would like to thank everyone here at GW. You folks know some stuff!!! Kateskouros your kitchen photos were my inspiration.

the wife and i bought our dream house. It is a raised basement craftsman style house. It was built in 1917.


so we knock down a few walls and add a few things.....

custom built cabinets

honed alabama white

waterstone faucets

kohler farmhouse and bar sink

pulls, latches, hinges, transom hardware from Ricca's in New Orleans

fridge handles from schaub

bar and pantry handles from Ricca's

36" Bertazonni Heritage Range Cream H366GGVCR

42" Jenn-Air French door Fridg JF42NXFXDW

27" Jenn-Air Electric Oven JJW2327WS

Miele Dishwasher MG2872SCVi

15" Marvel wine fridge 30WCMBBOR

15" Marvel ice machine 30iMTBBOLP

24" Marvel undercounter fridg 61ARMWWOL

Broan 900 cfm hood vent

Sherwin williams paint used

Cabinets painted to match stove

ceilings: creamy SW7012

Walls: white hyacinth SW0046

trim: classic light buff SW0050

floors are oak with jacobean

custom made air vents for fridge

led strip lighting above and below cabs

view from front porch

if anyone remembers i was the one with the chipped marble during the install. i will do a follow up in that post.

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I thought I recognized that view out the kitchen window....grew up in NOLA . I was at Loyola back in 1971 and met DH when he worked at Tulane Med School.

I love going to Ricca's. They sure have come back after the devastation of Katrina.

Your kitchen is a beauty. So many nice features and beautiful touches. You will have some wonderful meals prepared in such a setting. I hope you will post some Kitchen in Action pics :) c

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What a creamy, dreamy room! That Berta is a beauty. So many other things to admire also--the furniture feet, marble, local hardware, the view put the back, the sink, creative appliance hiding..... Oh, and I recognize those sillites. I have one at the end of my island and one in the peninsula. So much better than a honkin' duplex outlet ruining the look.

I'm interested to hear and see closer up how you solved the faucet hole issue. Looks as if it blends in.

Thanks for posting! I hope you'll show us more as the space gets populated with your kitchen gear.

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Really beautiful! Love the marble, hardware and the windows. Can you share more information about your backsplash (brand, color)? Thanks!

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Love those windows, the Marble the Wood floors and cabinets... awesome kitchen... Thanks for all the details

What are the dimensions of the kitchen?

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Really beautiful! Your faucet is a beauty, what accent color's are you going to use?

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I love the details on your transoms, trim, and doors...ohh, and the crown moulding on your cabinets. Those types of details inspired me. Congratulations!

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Nice job! That Bertazzoni is a knockout and just perfect in your kitchen. Really like the way the cabinets are painted to match it. I can see how kate's beautiful kitchen inspired you. I'm envious that you were able to get Alabama White; it's nowhere to be had in the Northeast. Those counters are going to be such a cool relief in the hot NOLA summer. Congrats on your lovely space!

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It all looks really great - congrats to you!

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I love it. I love your combo of stained and painted wood. All the natural light coming in. Your hood is so pretty - how did you achieve that look? I really like what you did for the refrigerator ventilation panel... very vintage and fitting.

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What a lovely, lovely kitchen! So much space, so many nice details. Enjoy!

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Beautiful kit, enjoy working in it.

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I really think it is beautiful. The original didn't look too bad either. Do you have a floor plan of before and after you could post? I would love to see the wall changes. Thanks.

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Absolutely gorgeous!! What a great way to start the new year!! Enjoy!

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We're practically neighbors!! We're building in Lakeview right around the corner! Your kitchen turned out lovely! Your house is precious!! I've not made the trip to Ricca's yet. Can you tell me more about it? Is it huge? How are the prices? I love your home!

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To tell you the truth, I liked the old kitchen; but I really love the new one. If I had a bigger house, I would copy this kitchen! Beautiful, sigh.

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Very nice! Congrats on (nearly) finishing. I'm a sucker for marble and yours is stunning. Enjoy your beautiful new space!

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Great job! Your marble is really pretty -- looks a lot like Danby.

Love the refrigerator installation and all the attention to detail throughout. The Berta looks great with the painted-to-match cabinets, and the mix of wood, white, marble is so nice.


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what a gorgeous kitchen! the cabinetry looks spot on and i too love the berta. what a fun time you'll have cooking on that! and the color looks very good -which is sometimes hard to pull off (as i'm sure you are aware!).

good luck and enjoy!

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Congrats, Phorbin, both you guys with your dream home and to your grand old house's newest life.

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Oh, la la! Stunning kitchen!! All the unfitted elements are beautiful together. A great example of why folks shouldn't be afraid of combining creams and whites.

Will be the inspiration for many future cream Bertas!!

Enjoy living and cooking in your lovely new space.

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Truly breathtaking. That is some of the most beautiful marble that i have seen.

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That is one great kitchen; creative, innovative, with enough asymmetry to keep it interesting but enough consistency to keep it connected. It fits the house perfectly.

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Perfect, gorgeous. My kinda color palette! Haagen Dazs vanilla and whipped cream.

You are going to inspire a lot of cream kitchens now.


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I love how you made it an unfitted look and mixed in the wood pieces. It looks like it evolved and was not a one day purchase. The counters are gorgeous!

Any chance you salvaged the original deco liner tile? When I first got to that pic, I did not realize it was a before because the tile was so nice... I am also jealous of the floor tile because that same pattern was installed poorly in our family bathroom. Yours had perfectly even rows and didn't seem to undulate like ours does, lol. The p.o.s picked a good pattern but had poor execution.... It was their closest shot at nice in the whole house.

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BEEEautiful!! Love the rich, creamy color... ALmost edible. Makes it all so elegant, too. I love the floors, too. The hidden fridge is great. Very nice job!

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Oooh, a creamy dream! I am in love with your transoms, doors, and trim work! Your Berta, your latches, THAT stone--everything just makes me *sigh*. :^)

BEAUTIFUL kitchen! You will enjoy this for many, many years! Congrats!

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Beautiful! I love that you mixed the white with the cream, love your marble (I'm a sucker for marble), and that Berta is *gorgeous*.

Congrats, it really is a lovely space.

~ MM

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As others have said-gorgeous!! I have a question about those custom panels venting above the refrigerator. I also installed a JA built in and we have had a major issue with the front panel--in fact a year after the project was finished I still have a gap there. As you seem to have discovered, if a full panel is installed over the compressor, the area overheats quickly.

So...can you tell me about that custom designed panel??? Did your cabinetmaker do it? You? Someone else? I really need to figure out something because I swore on New Year's I would finally get that *#&$^ refrigerator gap covered.


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Lucky you -- and the kitchen is so very beautiful and, even more cool, fitting for where you live.

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Gorgeous! I need to go back and look at every picture more closely. Can you tell me about your Kohler sink? I'm considering the Kohler Whitehaven. Is that what you used?

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Absolutely gorgeous. Enjoy cooking in this heavenly cream dream!

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Sorry i am so late in responding. I hate moving!!!! where did all this junk come from? Didn't i lose everything in Katrina 6 years ago?

i want to thank everyone for the kind post. I am so happy with the final results.

to answer a few questions:

the hood was made with 2x4's and sheetrock. we wrapped the hood with an old pine 2x4 that was salvaged from an old shotgun house that was being redone. I think it gives it a rustic look.

Riccas is a great place. you will spend hours in there looking at all the old salvaged stuff. I found the hardware to be of good quality and the prices were cheaper than i could find on line.

the sink is a whitehaven K-6488.

the fridge panel was made by the cabinet maker. I got the idea from the laundry door in the bath room

we just made a frame, attached the fridge brackets, and screwed on the sheets. i found the sheets at lowes. before they were painted they looked a little wavey. it does not have that wavy look now that its painted. If you were going to do this and so for a stainless look you would need to get a fabricator to make it because the sheets at lowes were thin. there is also a one by on the bottom so you cant see in when the doors are open. here are some more pics

thanks again everyone. i will try to answer a few more questions inbetween moving. and i still need to do a follow up on the chip during install.

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Hey, where did you find your Alabama White? I've been to two stone yards and have't seen it yet. I've seen all the regular marbles as well as White Venetino (which I liked). But I've always liked Alabama marble in the GW pics. I just haven't seen it locally.

I said that same thing when we moved into our temporary 1100 square foot house we're in now while we're building! We lost nearly everything in Katrina...where did all this stuff come from?? Haha! Thanks again!

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triton stone in new orleans. they had polished alabama white, and special ordered the honed for me. i just looked at there website and it looks like they have it in stock

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Lovely kitchen, and I love your city!!

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How did I miss this kitchen????? Beautiful, absolutely beautiful. Katekouros kitchen has been my inspiration for months along with a kitchen in the Woman's Day Kitchens & Baths magazine from November/December 2010. The mix of stained wood and painted cabinets warms my soul. You did a beautiful job.

I am sorry to read of your loss during Katrina.

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I also wondered how I missed this! Glorious! It looks so, well,basically just perfect for your lovely home! Hope you had a fun Mardi Gras! NOLA is one of my most favorite cities...I really think it is the most fascinating city in the US!

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Your kitchen and your house made my heart go pitter patter. I love it. So well done.

Where can I see pics of Kate's kitchen too?

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Well, there's an awful lot that's gorgeous there, but I'm focused on seeming trivia -- the faucet. I've come to feel that if the kitchen is the heart of a home, the faucet is its pacemaker.

And that's the faucet I *really* wanted! Worked best, looks nice -- so perfect-seeming. Course, what I chose seemed pretty fine too, but I've wound up not so happy with either. So I've been wondering, wondering about this one, my money-is-no-object-first-choice. I hope you'll report on whether it continues to be as smooth-butter perfect as in the store. It looks lovely.

As does all the rest. I'm so happy that NOLA is having people build back in the manner it deserves. We visited there long long ago and I was shocked to be visiting what felt like a foreign country. It's so different from anywhere else I've been in the US.

Thanks for restoring and refining such beauty.

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aliris we love the faucet too!!! It works very well so far.

and you need to come visit NOLA soon. That goes for all of you. Its good for the soul.

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I have to say this is my absolute favorite kitchen on this site, but Breezygirl, yours makes my heart skip a beat as well. You are all so talented at pulling things together. That's why some of us are hanging on your every detail. We are hoping for a similar look, of course. My interest is in your tile and grout color, as someone else mentioned. I know you are a busy person, but when you get time, please fill us in. You are so lucky to move around this space everyday for many, many years. It's GORGE!

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I believe the word I am looking for for your kitchen is "sweet". Something so soft and unassuming yet completely inviting and comfortable. You are so lucky to have ALL THOSE WINDOWS!!!

Congratulations and enjoy your new life post-Katrina sounds like you have been through a lot and time to revel in your rebuild.

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Your kitchen is beautiful! i have a question on how you got th walnut pantry to match to the painted frig, as far as crown mold, is concerned.Are the units diff heights? I want to have my built in frig in either a walnut or grey on one side and the same size pantry at end(in same color) with white cab inbetween.The designer is telling me I would have to stagger it that the crowns don't look good adjoining with two colors.I am agonizing over this and have to make a decision.I really don't want to stagger.Worse case senario I'll have to make th eisland the grey or walnut and everything else white, but I was inspired by yours and katekouros kitchen,Any thoughts anyone??Tks, Michelle

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It's gorgeous, and looks like it's been there since the house was built. Love, love, love the fireplace in there.

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Can you tell me the subway tile and color grout you used? Thanks!

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Just say the word and I'll be by for some home cooked Gumbo! I'd love to sit myself down and visit in your magnificent new kitchen! It's a wow all the way around. The Berta is soooo pretty! The cream color is inviting. Enjoy yourselves! I live in California but come to LA often as my daddy lives on the Bayou Teche. Congratulations on rising up from Katrina!

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Gorgeous Kitchen! Congrats!!! : )

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So how is living with the marble on a daily basis? I've been to Triton, The Stone Gallery and am heading to Tuscan next. Still love your kitchen!!

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It's beautiful!

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While I love it ALL, here's what I love the most:

- the incorporation of rich medium-colored wood free-standing furniture and the brick on the fireplace...both make it extra timeless and while most of us try to make our cabinets have the furniture look, you brought it right on in. Love that.

- the air vents!

- love the latches.

- the cream color is really super cream and not just white or off-white. It's refreshing and uplifting yet subtle and classy...and it makes me smell flapjacks and melted butter with maple syrup for some reason! ;)

- love how your glass looks wavy!

God...great job! I'll try not to go into my closet of a kitchen for a day or two. : - /

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Very pretty kitchen in a very interesting city! Love your hood. Would you mind posting a pic of it with a front view. The side view is just a tease lol.

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Beautiful and so fun to see the entire thing - I think you posted on my earlier Alabama White thread. Yours looks so much like mine and I love it!!!!

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really lovely work, I could live in that room

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Gorgeous kitchen, true to the time period and done very well. Enjoy the new space!

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What type of wood and stain is your cabinet? Beautiful kitchen.

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Oh where to start...it's all so beautiful.

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