Tunisian Crochet

mystic_2008October 2, 2010

This is also called 'afghan crocheting.' I have been trying to crochet three stips of crochet so that I might be able to make an afghan. I think that I have got the idea of how to do the afghan pattern, but mine is not coming out straight across but is on an angle going from side to side. I know this is not right, but for some reason I cant seem to make it go how I know it should go. Any suggestions, please.

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When you get to the last stitch of row be sure to put
hook into both loops (front & back) to make a neat edge.
Maybe, you are skipping the first Vertical Bar (close to
hook) so your edge is coming out uneven
Hope this helps and good luck.
Takes practice!!

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Thank you and I will certainly give this a try as it really is very disheartening to do so much then have to rip it out and start again.

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I just started crocheting a couple weeks ago in an effort to make an afghan. I started out by practicing making a couple of blocks. The first one wasn't pretty but the second one came out nice. I used a pattern for a 6" square block to get me started. Once I was happy with my work I just expanded the pattern to make it 72" x 62". I finished the afghan in 11 days. Since I am a beginner I bought a couple books with patterns and stitches to learn what I needed. I also watched a few crochet instructional videos on youtube.

When you turn corners with your chain, be sure to make your first stitch over the second stitch in from the edge. The last stitch in your row will be on top of the chain that you made to turn from 2 rows previous. Not getting into the right stitch before and after turning is what will make your edge turn out wonky. I had that problem when I first started practicing. Missing the last stitch when you turn will gradually make the project get smaller and smaller because you lose a stich with each turn.

The link below is one of the books I bought at Joann Fabric that shows exactly how and where to place stitches and also has 7 different project patterns in it.

If your edge is less than perfect you can do a single crochet all the way around or even do a fancier edge pattern.


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Thank you very much Frank for the information and the beautiful picture of your afghan. It really is lovely. I love the colors as blue is my favorite.....Grace

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