mitsubishi split duct and condensate line clogging

beaniebeagleMay 24, 2013

I have several of the mitsubishi split duct A/C and heat units in my house.

Last year two of the condensate lines clogged up with algae and had dripping into the house.

Which algae control tablets would be good to place in there? The Pro Treat tablets seem too big. Is there anything else?

Currently I am just pouring a cup a bleach into the drip pan every few months. I can't see paying the A/C guys for their "maintenance" plan to do the same thing

Other than the lines got clogged, I would still recommend the split duct system to those searching this forum

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What is a "split duct A/C and heat unit"?

Be careful with bleach around metal. It is very corrosive. It will also oxidize plastics, making some of them very brittle. Use no more than a 10% dilution of "germicidal bleach" (6% off the shelf, 0.6% diluted) hypochlorite) Leave it on for a maximum 10 minutes and rinse very well.

If you are not able to be very careful with this stuff, you take too much risk with your expensive equipment and another disinfectant would be a better choice. Honestly, I clean my car's system out with bleach, but I would not go near my mini splits with bleach.

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There is a product called a "gallo gun" It is essentially a CO2 cartridge with a hose and rubber cone on the end. Basically you put the cone against the drain line and pull the trigger on the CO2 and it pushes whatever is in the line out.

You should not be having this problem. This is an installation error. Either the evaporator is not set properly or the drain line has a trap in it. It must grade continuously to atmosphere with no sags or areas that can trap the water.

The other thing that may be occuring is that you are running the unit and then simply turning it off with a wet coil and wet drain pan. The area then heats up and turns your evaporator into a petrie dish. Try putting the unit in "fan" operation to dry the coil and pan prior to doing a shut-down. My Fujitsu units have a coil dry feature that allows me to warm the coil just enough to dry it off. 4 yrs and no sign of mold/mildew. Mitsu is good equipment too.

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"Fujitsu units have a coil dry feature that allows me to warm the coil just enough to dry it off"

All cooling systems should have a drying feature. I hacked together one for my car a while back and it works great for me. Unfortunately, it is too demanding for most drivers.

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