My first projects finished

jennSeptember 7, 2007

Here are my first projects, a pair of dishcloths. The one on the left is Grandmother's Favorite shared by Carol Ann. The one on the right is one of several different patterns from a Leisure Arts pattern booklet I picked up at Joann's.

The red yarn is Lion Brand, and the other is Sugar 'n Cream. Both are nice to learn with. I'll make a couple more of these and by then I'll be ready to move on to scarves.

They need to be blocked, right? What is the best way to do that? The yarn is 100% mercerized cotton.

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Jenn, did you post photos? They aren't showing up at all for me...

I don't block my dishcloths -- I just use them -- but I'm making some for gifts and I might block them just so they look nice and symmetrical :) I've only blocked one other thing so I don't know a lot about it; I just dampened the article and then carefully smoothed it out, pinned it (I use a camping mat from Kmart as a blocking pad), and waited for it to dry. The only thing I can pass on is to use the method that's appropriate for your fiber, and smooth from the center instead of pulling at the edges. You don't always have to pin, but if you do, make sure you use rust-proof pins.

Here are some links, but I'm sure the much more experienced people on this board will have some words of wisdom for you!

from, very detailed but good

from a blog -- I found more good hints here

a basic how-to

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Hurrah! on your first projects!! Look out scarves, here she comes! :)

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Oh! Sorry, I forgot to copy the link to the picture... click on it to enlarge.

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Carol Ann, thank you for the links. There is no end to the information we can find on-line, is there?

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Jenn - Very pretty. Wish I had the fortitude to try something different. Keep up the good work!!!

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Nice work, Jenn! I especially love the heart!

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