my Ac gave up again

arac21May 28, 2012

We bought our house last winter (2011). Well, when time came to turn on the ac it did not work, the repair person put in freon and worked for rest of the summer. However this year exactly same thing, it does not work. We can see the fan moving for but no actual cooling. The themostat is at 88 degrees. Please give me suggestions how to proceed.

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It sounds like you have a refrigerant leak. Don't spend more money adding more refrigerant until the leak is found and repaired.

If the equipment is old then it makes sense to replace than repair. Finding leaks is difficult and most contractors don't want to be bothered.

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The condenser fan is usually wired together with compressor? So if fan runs, than compressor runs? If system is low on freon, than compressor is running as long as fan is running? Will a low charge situation result in poor too no cooling but also not damage compressor? Could fan be running and compressor not be running?

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