Any one colder??? Air temp in ND a minus 22

marie_ndcalJanuary 31, 2013

Yep, woke up and temp reading a minus 22. But the sun is out if that counts. Wind chills in 40's below. It is the coldest day many can remember. Will start up tomarrow!
Tom, our wonderful and I mean that in a postive way, was warning everyone not to go outside unless it is necessary. Skin can freeze in less than 5 minutes.
But that is No Dakato
who likes cold, but would like it a bit warmer

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I hate the cold and darkness, we had wild wind last night 60mph and power loss but today is a very strange 57 degree day and I'm getting out to take advantage of it. I feel for you.

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Our high on Tuesday was at midnight and it was 73 degrees, which was record breaking. Today, we have snow. Tomorrow, the low will be 19. 54 degree difference in three days? Weirdness!

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Hey Marie, over here on the east side we're at -12 with a windchill of -27. We have a double sundog around the sun again today. Third one since I posted the first picture.

I have to pull on my big-girl thermals and go out to top off the bird feeders. I need to go to the grocery store, too...but I'm still considering that.

Ambient is supposed to be -22 tonight. DH will be out with annual police training starting at 6 p.m. I'll have soup ready for when he gets home.

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70 here in WV yesterday, 20s and snowing today! Come on spring.

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Weird weather for sure. 70 yesterday and day before, rain all yesterday and now it's in the 30's with gusting winds.

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It's 5 above now - with that brisk 30 mph wind!

Surely can't beat your -22� ! It is supposed to get back down to -7� tonight (actual temp) with this nasty wind. It is a challenge to keep the barns warm and the waters thawed. My furnace runs frequently today - but my house stays warm.

How did those Pioneers make it? Gosh, they were made of sturdy stuff!!!

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Going to be -13 tonight here in the Twin Cities of MN with -40 wind chill.

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Brrrrrr, how do you stand it? We also had two days of oddly warm weather in the 60's with lots of wind today and lots of rain last night. It was so windy that my recycling can blew over and all my recycles blew down the street. I'm sure I looked ridiculous "trash picking" on all the neighbors lawns.

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Supposed to be around -20 here in northern WI. I'm glad it's not supposed to last long. Its supposed to warm up by the weekend.

But I remember 20 below weather a lot more in my youth. The coldest air temp I rember was 50 below which was in the late 70s and yep, we had school.

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Last week we had temps that went down to -36F-news reported with the wind chill that it got down to -44F

Then it was "normal'-just winter-THEN,it warmed up-Tues and Wed of this week-+46F;sunny,off and on-beautiful-then rain-all day and night-melted all the snow-then wind and the temps dropped last night back down to 20F-cold and windy-and all that rain left EVERWHERE coated with ice

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we'll be in the neighborhood of 0 F tonight. Can't challamge ND. I'm redy for spring. Why oh why did January have to prove it is still a winter month?

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