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joshbellerMay 21, 2009

Below is a letter I sent to Trane and they responded with sorry there is nothing we can do.

To Whom It May Concern

Let me start out by saying I was once about a month ago a huge supporter of Trane and would tell all of my friends and family about how great my Trane air conditioner was. Now after what has happened the last month I tell all of my friends and family about how disappointed I am with Trane and how I will never purchase another one of their units.

Three summers ago near the end of the summer our central air conditioner stopped working. We made it through the summer with a window unit I purchased at Wal-Mart and a lot of fans. The following April I decided to do research to come up with the best solution to replace our central air conditioner. I read articles on-line, talked to friends and family, consulted Consumer Reports and everything pointed to Trane. I knew I was paying a little more but I was getting a quality product that would last. I had 4 companies come out to my house and give me a quote on the new Trane unit. They all had their advantages. I thought Design Aire in Bridgeton Missouri had the best knowledge, price, and experience to do the job. I checked them with the Better Business Bureau and with a friend that had used them for a job. Everything seemed great. Seth was our sales person and he was awesome. He told us everything we needed to know and recommended we go with the Trane XB13. We live in a very small house and this would be perfect for what we need. The first two years using the unit was excellent! Our electric bill went down and our house was always cool even on the 100 plus heat days outside. I was very happy. When my parents were ready to purchase a new AC and heater last year I recommend they go with Trane and Design Aire. I did this for several friends as well. I had no problem recommending Trane and Design Aire.

Then came the night about a month ago when my once beloved Trane Air Conditioner decided to break. St. Louis had just gone through a early patch of high temperatures. When Monday came I called Design Aire and the soonest they could send someone out was that Friday. My wife stayed home from work. The Design Aire service technician diagnosed the problem as a blown compressor and quoted a price of $550 to install a new one. I was shocked that a two year old air conditioner would blow a compressor. Seth at Design Aire even said he has never seen this happen before. They were able to work with me a little bit on the price. But everything has still cost be pretty close to $550. As I write this 4 weeks later the air conditioner is still not functional. We are waiting on one final service call from a Design Aire Tech on Friday.

I am not a wealthy man but do alright. $550 is a lot of money for me. Plus not having air for 4 weeks is a major inconvenience. I thought the name Trane represented exceptional service and quality. Due to my experiences I have found that to be dead wrong.

I wanted you to know about my experience. I do not think it is fair to have to pay such a large amount of money for something that is a manufacture defect. I am very disappointed in your company. Unless Trane makes this right and corrects this problem I will never use Trane products again. I will tell anyone who will listen my story. I will post my story online for all of my friends and family to see.

Thank you for reading about my experience.

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I am not going to be a Trane basher or apologist.

You have my sympathy. However a couple of points should be made. Not excusing the compressor failure, the XB condenser is bottom end Trane. Trane has a proven track record of reliable compressors. I am not certain of their policy but it used to be that all compressor failures of a specific age would return to the Trane factory to be broken down and evaluated as to cause of failure.

In your situation, you could easily insert any other brand into your story. It happens every day.

Where I find fault with your dealer and Trane is why the compressor has not been replaced after four weeks. Is there any reason that you can provide?


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"In your situation, you could easily insert any other brand into your story. It happens every day."

This pretty much sums up my thoughts. Happens to any brand. Trane has proven to be very reliable in general.

Many failures are caused by improper installation technique and procedure, period. You had a compressor go bad. 99% of the time compressors just don't give up after 2 years--they are stressed by various factors causing their failure. Poor airflow across the coil, mismatched equipment (indoor/outdoor units), improper refrigerant charge, etc.

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why is this not covered under the 5 or 10 year warranty?

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The $550.00 is probably the labor cost.

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It does pay dividends to have the extended parts & labor warranty. I bought mine for less than what the OP was quoted for the repair. Stuff hapens and Murphy is still on the loose (even though I and others have a specific contract on him..).

My sympathies to you, also, but this is one area-- high end kitchen appliances are another-- where the extended warranty should be a given.

My Trane dealer only offered the standard warranty when my home was built. I bought the extended. He now includes the extended warranty (price built in to the job) as standard on any job he does. he said it just makes more sense for the homeowner.

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sounds to me like teh warranty is covering the parts, and you are on teh hook for the labor, this is standard and was spelled out in your paperwork. it sucks big time, but you live and you learn.

i also bought the extended P&L warranty on my XL14i. 10 years with both covered. if i have a failure after that period, i figure i am ahead of the game. my dealer said the same thing, it is included in the price and if you don't want it you are making a mistake. i rarely buy EW on anything, but i do for HVAC!

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Hmmm, lets see $550 labor for something that will take less then half a day to do?!!! "HI HONEY, SAY DRAG OUT THOSE TRAVEL BROCHURES YOU STUCK IN THE DESK DRAWER, I GOT SOME GREAT NEWS TO TELL YOU WHEN I GET HOME!" :-)

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I have never had any problems getting a compressor from Trane. It sounds like you have the problem with the dealer not Trane. That price seems good to me (recovery,drier,freon, and labor). I know for warranty compressors we charge around 600. Trane supplys the compressor and thats it on standard warrantys. If we have a compressor go bad (rarely) we will have the new one in within a day or so.

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Your problem is not specific to Trane. 10 year parts warranty but only 1 to 2 year labor warranty is typical, unless you buy an extended labor warranty.

A co-worker is in the exact same situation as you right now. A 2 year-old Copeland scroll compressor, industry standard, grounded and shot due to a bad TXV at the indoor coil. Compressor covered under parts warranty. Labor was only 1 year so not covered. Compressor replacement, new TXV, new liquid line filter drier, and freon (they won't re-use the old R22) is probably in the range that the OP posted.

It's not just Trane.

Take care.

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mr.hvac is obviously not a business owner, or owns a struggling business. You should have been offered an extended warranty on the labor when you purchased the equipment. could have been any brand. May have been the installation.

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hey, that's the way the industry works. Unless an extended warranty was purchased, the labor warranty is what the dealer offers, normally 1 year. If you expected coverage beyond a year, you should have purchased oneWhile it isn't common to lose a 2 year old compressor, it happens. Most XB13 compressors are Mexican made though we see it in American Copeland scrolls too. So while you are frustrated, I don't see your post on a public forum as a good way to vent. Your post will likely not influence anybody away from Trane. As for not having air for a month, that beef is with your dealer. And at $550 they did give you a pretty good price on the work. Around here, going rate for a warranty compressor swap is usually much more.

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I got a new Trane system in 1996. Over the next 3 years, I had FOUR compressors fail.

One failed less than 12 hours after it was installed.

Through it all, Trane's response was "yeah? So? It's our concern... how?"

My dealer, on the other hand, bent over backwards. Can't say enough good about them.

My system is now on compressor 5, and has been providing very good service for over 10 years.

I do know that when I need a new system? Trane has left the station for central hell, for all I care.

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I'm service Techician. This problem can happen to any brand. Like they say hard to STOP a Trane but hard to start a Trane. I will never put Trane unit in my DOG house. That how I fill about Trane.

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I have a 2001 unit that is on its third compressor three summers in a row and I am no closer to getting it fixed than building a perpetual motion machine. I honestly hope Trane and my local service provider both go bankrupt because it would serve them right.

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