To fringe, or not to fringe

jennSeptember 23, 2007

I finished my first scarf and I'm debating whether to add fringe. I wasn't planning to. It's a very chunky scarf about 6 feet long and 4 inches wide. I think it's long enough without it.

Do most of you add fringe? Does it make a scarf appear more finished?

BTW I learned lesson #1: Always check lot numbers!!! I bought two skeins from the same bin and the second one (which I had to join about 18 inches from the end) isn't quite as fluffy as the first one, seems a tiny bit tighter, and made a much nicer edge after I binded off than the cast-on edge I began with. I also learned I need a larger crochet hook for these thicker yarns, or at least a darning needle with a MUCH larger eye.

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I think it's totally a matter of preference. I only add fringe if a recipient says they would like it. For myself, never. In my opinion, after a couple of washings, no matter how gentle, fringe looks terrible. Some yarns fray and puff out (like Homespun). Others just look ratty. If I really felt that something for me needed fringe, I'd probably improvise a crocheted fringe, like ch 20, sl st in each ch, then sl st to the piece and so on.

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I also prefer not to add one. They tangle and are a general pain in real life use. You can also do a picot cast-on and cast-off for a decorative edging.

Here is a link that might be useful: Picot cast-on and cast-off

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Fringe or not for me depends on, first of all, the recipient's preference (if they have one and I know it), and then on the pattern and yarn. For most scarves I don't but sometimes it just really makes the scarf "pop." Overall, though, I skip it if it doesn't make a difference or isn't requested, for reasons others have mentioned.

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