5 Special Olympics mufflers

sheilajoyce_gwSeptember 11, 2008

I have almost completed 5 mufflers for the Special Olympics. I should get them mailed off next week.

Is anyone else making mufflers for the Special Olympic athletes and volunteers? They need 5,000 by January 15th.

I knit two in the rib pattern suggested, and crocheted 3, one of which I did in a plaid pattern.

Now I need to get to the projects that have timelines attached to them. Babies are coming and a young man waits patiently.

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I finally found the delft blue that is called for at Walmart. I sent two skeins and the info to my 16 yr old niece in another state that is a crochet fanatic, and bought some for myself to knit. I haven't decided on a knit pattern yet.


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I bought the yarn on e-bay, but it hasn't arrived yet.

I know it depends on the pattern and whether you are doing crochet or knit, but in general, how many scarves can you get out of 2 skeins, one blue, one white?

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I had 2 skeins of blue and 2 of the white. I made 5 scarves. I think how much you will need all depends on if you are knitting or crocheting. Crocheting goes much more quickly, a good 3 or 4 times quicker, but it uses up more yarn. The knit scarves are in a k2, p2 rib that was suggested on the Coats and Clark site. I suspect that the ribbing requires much more yarn than just flat knitting. So if I had just knit flat, I would have had more to show for 4 skeins. However, I like the look of the more substantial ribbing.

I tried a few different crocheted approaches. The Coats and Clark site suggests dcs, which I tried. Then I did one alternating the blue and white in all sc starting with a chain of 170 stitches and leaving a 7-9 inch knotted fringe on each end and cutting the yarn after each row. Then I augmented each piece of fringe by tying in one double length of fringe to give it some richness. I like to use up scraps of yarn on fringe.

Another crochet pattern I adapted from a plaid crocheted baby afghan, alternating sections of the blue and white and then chaining a double strand of blue and one of white up the length of the scarf using a much larger hook. I edged it with slip stitches. (Ch 22 using an H hook, turn. Row 1-- dc in 3rd chain, dc in next 4 ch, ch 1, skip next ch, dc in next 6 ch, ch 1, skip next ch, dc in next 6 dc. Turn, ch 2 [this counts as your first dc], dc in next 5 dc, ch 1, skip next dc, dc in next 6 dc, ch 1, skip next dc, dc in last 6 dc, turn and repeat this row for the rest of the scarf. Make about 8 rows of blue and then 8 rows of white, and repeat till it is about 60 inches long. Then using a P hook or whatever size will work, double the blue yarn and VERY LOOSELY chain through the ch 1 spaces down the entire length of the scarf. Then use a double white strand and LOOSELY chain down the length of the scarf in the other row of open ch 1 spaces. You can edge the scarf with slip stitches if you like.] The scarves are supposed to be 5 3/4 inches by 60 inches.

If you look at the Coats and Clark site, there is a real pretty scarf someone knit in stockinette in the delft blue. Then on each end they double knit a large white snowflake. I think that scarf is sooooo pretty, but I did not try it. I imagine it would look best using smallish circular needles and knitting a tube. Then it would be nice and thick and the wrong side of the snowflake will be on the inside of the scarf.

Sorry this is so long, but I hope these ideas of mine help anyone who wants to try making Special Olympic scarves.

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Thanks for all the good ideas. Here's a picture you might enjoy along with another crochet pattern. Not sure which one in the pic goes with the pattern. The blue and white are pretty together.

Here is a link that might be useful: olympic scarves

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That site, Socks, is from last year. One bit of information I read for this year's scarves said that they would not be distributing any scarves made from any other yarn, so use only the Red Heart Super Saver (worsted) Delft Blue and their White.

This noon I was searching through my yarn stash trying to find a nice yarn to make a baby girl sweater set. Lo and behold, there were two more skeins of Delft Blue and two of White. Must have bought lots more of the Delft Blue last year when I bought it to make a nice sweater for DGS. As a result, the baby girl sweater is now on hold, as is mailing the 5 scarves I have made already, until I knit and crochte this yarn into Special Olympic scarves.

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Oh yes, I have the 311 and 885 white and blue. (Or I will when they arrive.) I don't blame them for not distributing any other colors. It would detract from the uniformity of the "awarded" scarves, and who knows what weird stuff they would be handing out. It just wouldn't be the same.

You've made 5 scarves so far--that's terrific. What a nice thing to do. I'm such a slow worker, I'll be happy if I can get one done and will do more if I can. It's such a worthwhile and easy project. I made the "Road Scarf" pattern, believe it's from Lion Brand, and I was thinking that one might lend itself well to the changing colors.

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Yes, I just started a road scarf that I had copied from the internet somewhere. I will alternate sections of white and blue in those patterns. Wonder if it is the same pattern as you have found; will have to check.

But this afternoon and evening I need to do the laundry, bake a birthday cake for DD tomorrow, and wrap her gifts. Will get to continuing with the road scarf later.

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Sheila, I checked my Road Scarf pattern (Lion) and it's for a 9" scarf, and I think the size they want for Olympics is 4-1/2, isn't it? I really am not sure about how to cut the size down because of all the different patterns. So I"m starting another pattern for now. The yarn is rough, isn't it?

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Never mind! I just noticed that the Lion B. version has the increments of stitches needed for each pattern, so reducing it is doable.

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Red Heart Super Saver is a thick yarn and the sizing makes it rough. That is why I always wash any gift item before I give it away. Washing it does soften up the yarn considerably because the sizing is removed and I use fabric softener in the wash too.

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I rec'd. the talking crochet e-mail newsletter today. Apparently they got 40,000 scarves! (Didn't they want 5,000?)

Some were worn by Special Olympic athletes who were in the Inaugural Parade! Wish I'd seen them, but I didn't watch the whole parade. They were also worn in the 2/7 opening parade for the Olympics being held in Idaho right now.

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Wish I could see a picture.

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From the opening ceremonies:

I found one from the Inaug. Parade, but it was so tiny it was difficult to really see much at all.

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according to this posting, they received 55,000 - better photo

Here is a link that might be useful: Scarfs-Special Olympics

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Ohhhhh! I think I see mine!! (Just kidding! Thanks for the better picture.)

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