i bought an ott-lite!!

socksSeptember 20, 2008

It's difficult to knit in the evenings, especially with darker yarns. Michaels had 40 percent off on the OTT-LITE lights so I bought one of the smaller ones (not on a tall stand). It really helps, and I'm sure I'll make fewer errors since I can see what I'm doing.

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Good for you! I've been saying I'm going to get one, but they are expensive. Every time I get one of the 40% off coupons from Joann's or Michael's I think about it. It's especially hard for me to work with dark colors in the evening. I did buy one of those curlicue bulbs at Joann's that is supposed to simulate sunlight and it really does help. But I wonder if the Ott-Lite would be even better. Let me know after you've used it a little while what your final analysis is.

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When you buy one, be sure the replacement bulbs are available and check out their price. DH bought one at Office Depot and six months later the bulb is unavailable. Did find one but it costs as much as the lamp.

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The Ott light I bought is a floor lamp and adjustable so I can have the light aimed at the knitting in my hands but not shining in my eyes. (The closer the light is, the brighter.) It sure is a big help to me.

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I noticed the bulbs were expensive in Michaels, but I'll cross that bridge when I get to it. Maybe I can use a 40 percent coupon. I'm pretty happy with the light. I think it helps cut down on the errors and split stitches.

Donna, sounds like you've got a good light going. Maybe you don't need an OTT.

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I just ordered one thru JoAnn at 40% off. It's the table model and it folds. I figure I can also use it for my craft painting and my manicures & pedicures, LOL. Can't wait to get it.

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Hi, just wanted to let you know, I bought an ott-lite (on a 40% off coupon) about 5 years ago, and even though I use it several hours a day, the bulb is still going strong. Hope this helps anyone interested in getting one. It's one of the best things I've ever bought for my crafting.

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I bought the kind that attaches to the table. Somehow I lost the peice that grasps the table. I had put it away at some point and must of pulled out the part that attaches to the table only. I can see myself saying "what the heck is this?" and throwing it out. Any idea how I can get a replacement piece?

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I bought my Mom an Ott Lite for reading. She's 85 and has bad eyes. She broke it and asked me to get it fized, but I lost the paperwork/guarantee.

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I got one of the clip on magnifer lights at Staples for $19.00. I clipped it to a tv snack tray and it works fine.

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Just saw Ott lights on sale at JoAnn's at 50% off.

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I couldn't afford the whole light even with a coupon so I just bought the lightbulb that screws into regular light fixtures. Not only makes a difference in seeing my work, it helps with the winter SADD symptoms. I plan on getting a some more for the other rooms I sit and read or work in.

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Clever, Cougar!

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