X-13 motor with Bryant 16 SEER-will it be effective

julie825May 24, 2011

Our 6 year old 10 SEER, 4 ton air conditioner that was installed on construction of our home 6 years ago has always been a problem. We have had it recharged 4 times, they have searched for a leak several times, and in addition it does not cool our 2nd floor well and is incredibly noisy, it is a HEIL. Now it needs recharging, there is an obvious leak (not sure if it has been the same site leaking all along), repair of a part and will cost about $900-1000. We have had the original installer and our former HVAC people look at it.

Our former HVAC people have quoted us a Bryant 5 Ton, 16 SEER and will install a X-13 motor to help it perform correctly. They also suggest moving our thermostat and doing some duct balancing for air flow to the second story. Our furnace has a one speed motor, although it is 92% efficent and sized correctly for our home.

We want to go with a 16 SEER as long as the x-13 motor will work with it. Any thoughts?

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Forgot to mention in my above post that if we go with the x-13 motor it will qualify us for a $300 tax credit on the A/C. Our other option is to just replace with a 13 SEER which will work with our current one speed motor. Thanks All.

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let's see if I have this clear.

you plan to go up in size from a 4 ton to a 5 ton? why? has dealer evaluated that ductwork both supply and return can handle the additional CFMs?

you plan to install an X-13 motor in an existing 6 yr old furnace?

what mdl AC condenser are you looking at?

I personally think you may be making a bad problem worse.

what is your location? what size is your home?

post back.


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I agree. I don't like the idea of upsizing to correct what is very likely a ductwork (not a capacity) issue. Ductwork that is marginally sized for 4 tons will not be better suited with a 5 ton unit. The X13 motor is likely suggested to get the maximum efficiency out of the "16 SEER" unit, but bottom line: an oversized unit on undersized ductwork will never operate efficiently. Duct balancing is likely needed as well as modification of existing supply/return.

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We live in northwest Illinois. He ran the numbers and looked at our ductwork. Said it is compatabile with the 5 ton. We have a 3 page report with the data from our home, climate, etc. He used a computer program called Rhvac that is approved Manuel J and Manuel D. They are going to balance the ductwork and move our Thermostat. Our home is 2 story, 2 bedrooms and bath up, with very large windows on West (afternoon sun) and 2 story ceiling with a loft (never do that again, Sq. ft. 2489 not including basement.
We are looking at Bryant Legacy 116BNA060, 5 ton, 16 SEER
$4414 includes duct balancing, moving thermostat, installation etc.
We can only go to 16 SEER if we install the 13-X motor
otherwise we would need to install Bryant 113ANA060 5 ton 13SEER. Since 13 SEER is currently the minimum, we would like to go higher. Thanks

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What does the report say is the total cooling load?

Which thermostat are you getting to control the new blower?

Why do you need to move the location of your thermostat?

How do you know you will achieve a 16 SEER rating with your configuration? Is the contractor providing an AHRI certificate?

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The report says Total Cooling Required 62,904 Btuh-hope that is what you are referring to.
The Thermostat is called Total Line and is 5 day-2day digital programmable and we have the option of it being wireless so we can move it.
The current Thermostat is located below an air intake and close to another air intake in an alcove type hallway.
He feels that the new x-13 will help achieve the 16 SEER rating and he said today he has checked with other installers just to get other opinions and they concur.
Not sure what AHRI is?
Thanks, Mike and everyone else.

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The AHRI certificate is the proof that your system achieves the SEER rating. This is what you would need to show the IRS in case your are ever audited. The SEER rating should not be an installer's opinion.

If you believe the cooling load calculation, then the 5 ton AC is 1/4 ton too small. A 2500 sq. ft. house in Illinois should not require this amount of cooling.

Are you going to talk to additional contractors?

Here is a link that might be useful: AHRI certificate

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It sounds like this company is covering all the right bases, and it is hard to make an accurate judgment from here without seeing the system you have, but it's still hard to believe that with simple balancing your current ductwork installed with a 4 ton unit is capable of moving enough airflow for a 5 ton unit. Many ductwork systems are undersized to some degree. While I agree with Mike that the cooling load seems high for your location and square footage, windows, insulation, orientation, etc. all play a role as well, so it could be possible, even though it seems unlikely. The X13 motor is more efficient so would help the outdoor unit achieve it's nominal SEER rating. But before I worried about achieving the 16 SEER rating, I'd really check to make sure a 5 ton unit is appropriate and compatible with your ductwork. It would be worth your time to get 1-2 more estimates from very reputable firms in your area.

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Thanks, We are hoping to look into some other options today and I now have some more questions to ask contractor thanks to your advice. Once of the problems is our great room window is taller than the 2nd story loft. We did have window film installed last summer to try to cut some of the heat and we do have light filtering shades on the lower half. Adding to this one of our daughters bedrooms has a closet that is under the eaves, no attic, and she has a west facing window. So it gets very hot, also bathroom very hot upstairs-no window.
We have been running the furnace fan since the air died and it does help, but the noise is a little irritating.
Another factor, we have seasonal allergies and a child with asthma. We run our A/C early in the season into the fall, even after it cools down outside, due to pollens etc.
Does anyone know about the noise level of the X-13?

Has anyone heard of Total LIne Thermostats? Contractor said they have used them for a few years now.

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