How do I get started on 2 circular needles

imabestSeptember 20, 2008

to knit socks????

I have casted on the amount of stiches needed and then split them to the 2 needles but after that I am lost.

I know that you knit with the same needle but the thread is at the wrong end.

to I just push the stiches to the other end of the needle???

I am so confused it is crazy.

thought maybe one of you can explain it to me or send me to a website with a demo thanks for any help imabest

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Yep, just push the stitches to the other end of the needle. Leave the stitches that are on the other needle somewhere in the middle. It will be easier to maneuver if you do that.

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Donna that helps I just wish you were here to show me how to get started and I cumb enough not to try pushing then to the other end of the needle ~~ and I had not yet thought of pushing the other stiches to the middle.
I will try that again..
I dont know now how many times I have casted on and and started only to start all over LOL
Thanks for your help I will probably be back for more help
hugs Imabest

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I'll be here.

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