Untwist Machine for Two Skeins

nancedarSeptember 4, 2011

A thousand years ago I recall a "handmade" wooden thing at a yarn shop that when you put two balls of yarn on it, one on each revolving peg, that, when you knitted the two yarns together on a needle or hook, it kept them separate and independently not twisted by rolling them around a center dowel that was askew from the bottom wooden platform. Some physics principal was involved, I'm sure, but not included in the $25 price tag in 1960-something, which I could ill afford at the time. Now, I am in great need of such a device, since I am making 11 afghans with double strands of yarn, one for each of my grandchildren. About 20 stitches in I have to unravel the twists (because of the way I knit continental/crochet and each stitch that twists them). Did I just dream of such a thing?


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When I use 2 colors in crochet I use yarn containers. Got them in store at Joanne's with 50% coupons so not that expensive. Lid screws off and there is a hole in the top for the yarn end. Could probably make something also. Comes in large and a small size and I love mine and have several of them for projects. Mary

Here is a link that might be useful: Yarn container

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Mary, I saw those yarn container sold on eBay. They look like tea/water containers but without the spout. I saw them sold at Walmart. Last week, I went to Walmart and they were on clearance for $2.50 each. The containers were made of plastic.

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Nancy, I purchased a device a few months ago from Wendie's Crafts on ebay. Mine holds two skeins of yarn and they unwind from the outside as you crochet. I just checked by typing in "yarn unwinder" and the first item brought up was the one I bought. It sells for $18 for the double one. The skeins are loaded onto two dowels and the frame is made out of plastic pipe (lightweight). Hope this helps.

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