Rheem furnace board==proper setting for a/c

veesuboteeMay 3, 2012

I have an RARL (16 SEER) a/c with an RCQD coil and RGFD mod furnace. I chose this coil as I wanted maximum dehumidification as opposed to highest SEER (actual SEER is 14.5).

During installation, the contractor enabled 'HIGH SEER' on the board. I suspect that this increases blower speed (to gain higher SEER) above that set on the board, and thus lowers latent capacity.

Can a PRO verify that my suspicion is correct? Or, exactly what does this setting do? Thanks.


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CJ Mechanical of North jersey llc.

selecting higher seer sw1#6 on position increases air flow for low stage(1 stage) . furn off and you will run 50% 1st stage then 100% 2nd stage

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Thanks Coolmen, I suspected (increase) as much. If I interpret your comment correctly, with switch on, airflow in stage 1 > 400 CFM/ton.

If so, would using a humidistat for dehu on demand (I have the new board which does dehu and 2 stage)if I decided to, in conjunction with turning #6 off risk freezing the coil?

Thanks for your input.


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CJ Mechanical of North jersey llc.

Since having 2 stage cooling I would not worry about the dehum. running low stage should do a fine job at hum removal.
I would leave # 6 off and get 400 per ton cooling 15% less low stage. mount hum stat digital in house and see how it performs.

lossing 15% low stage plus an other 15% on dip switch setting # 6 another 15% may freeze coil. page 58


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Thanks. As far as the stat is concerned, I'm tied into the mod stat (411) which doesn't have dehu function.

Will set switch #6 to off. Airflow is currently set at 400 CFM/ton. Will keep it at that setting (for now).


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