Thick/heavy crochet afghan pattern

razzjadSeptember 8, 2006

Does anyone know of a thick or heavy afghan pattern? My husband has been asking for a nice crocheted afghan to use in the winter and I find that it is hard to know what the pattern is going to be like until I have done a few rows. I am sure someone has a good pattern out there for a nice heavy/warm afghan.

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You might use a large (somewhere between a K and Q) hook and several strands of worsted weight. That would also give it a tweedy "masculine" look if you use several colors. The stitch wouldn't make that much of a difference. You could make it completely in hdc, which would have several advantages. It would go much quicker than sc and would be denser (less holey) than dc.

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I love the basket weave afghan pattern for men that Lion Brand has in their free patterns at It is especially handsome in a dark color. My favorite is a navy worsted yarn and then I add a border on it in navy and cranberry (the pattern does not call for a border). The picture of the afghan is hard to see because they did it in deep forest green, but if you want to make it really handsome, use a deep color. I tried a white version for a baby blanket and it was blah.

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I made the basket weave with wine yarn for my hubby. He won't get cold with it. It is very thick and warm.

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Thanks for all the wonderful advice!

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this one is different and you use two strands together so it could be solid or any combination that would blend with furniture, etc.

Here is a link that might be useful: Skipping Stones

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check out lion brands "waterfall" afghan. there are intructions for both crochet and knitting. i've knit several, everyone who has received them really likes them. but i always knit them very large-- calls for 58 stitches cast on #19 needles and to knit to 60" using 6 skiens of
'homespun' yarn (using 2 strands at a time. i usually cast on 116 stitches with #17 needles and knit to 72" using 10 skiens of yarn 2 strands at a time. I did one in purples using 1 strand of same color of homespun throughout with 2 other strands of mix and match purples (3 strands altogther)
that came out great,

depends on how your DH is going to use the afghan-- in his den or on camping trips? what type of yarn you use. I make my afghans large because something 44"x60" (standard afghan size)doesn't seem really useful.


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I bought a Leisure Arts pattern book at Wal-Mart called Double-Delight. It has six designs using double ended hook. The one I made is called Peaceful Place. It is a really unique pattern imho. It uses two strands of different colored yarn. I used blue and white. It worked out so that one side of the afghan is mostly blue and mostly white on the other. Very pretty and snugglely too.
There is however a mistake in the pattern. The end of row 5 it says to (insert hook under next vertical bar, YO and pull up loop) twice. The twice part is wrong. So just cross that word out and you are good to go.

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I like the "aphgan stitch" which is very heavy with just one strand of yarn. I just made a beautiful aphgan for my bedroom in blue stripes and then cross-stitched many various flower baskets with flowers, leaves, stems, etc. on it. I think it's georgeous, and the basket pattern matches my bedroom floral designs.

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Here's one you might like.

Here is a link that might be useful: MY MAN AFGHAN

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I have yet to try the afghan stitch. Maybe in the new year when I FINALLY finish my table cloth, I will buy a special hook and try it. It certainly is a warm stitch; I know because I was given a wonderful baby blanket that is all afghan stitch and it is soooo nice.

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Sheila, how did you edge the basket weave afghan? Did you make it larger?


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I realize this thread is a little old, but I wanted to share what I think is one of the nicest heavy afghans I've seen. I've made several of the afghans in this booklet, but the cover afghan is wonderful. I've made it in several colors and always get another request for it whenever someone spots me in the middle of making this pattern!


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my favorite afghan pattern is called a navaho afghan. Its warm although the colors listed in pattern are red white black and gray I've done all colors to either go with a room a personality or as in wedding gifts favorite colors if you are interested I can find the pattern and send it to you

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