1 year old system is a mess, desperate and scared

RoncdcMay 27, 2012

A friend who does h/ac put in a home Payne system for me last year the heat worked fine and the ac was great all last summer. The units are pg9mxa and cnpvp.To put it in a nutshell the install seems half assed. the condenser does not seem to fit properly on the heater so it has bee taped in spots to seal overhangs, I assumed they should fit like a glove! He used plumbing fittings on the copper and melted them to fit.

Turned on the ac and nothing, copper has no cold or heat, it blows warm air. everything runs properly but no cold air. I am figuring a leak and all the refrig is gone.

The installer is worthless and wont call me back so I am on my own. Is it possible for someone to put this system correct or would I be better to junk it and start fresh.

I dont know who to call except local h/ac or maybe do I need someone that works thru payne.. what would be a good plan with this. thank you

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hack jobs usually cost more to put right.
check with friends and see who they think
did good work for them.
have a pro come out and look at the work
and then you will have more of an idea
of what you have, vs what needs to be done.

homeowners rarely save money hiring folks
to do work on the side.

best of luck.

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Call a Carrier or Bryant dealer to come out and assess your situation.

On the evap coil, I do like the coil to fit to the furnace. Sometimes though this is not always possible or the installing company simply installed the wrong model/size.

Plus you want an AHRI matching system that is sized correctly.

Low end systems like Payne can gravitate to a cheap install. Sorry but true.

Sorry for your trouble.

That would be my starting point.


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Plan to pay for assessment.

Professional advice in a situation like yours is not free.


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