What to do with all this Fun Fur??

deedeebakerSeptember 27, 2007

I'm posting again. Sorry but I just remembered something after I signed off. LOL- I just received a bunch of Fun Fur from someone and would like to try scarves. They do have a picture of a scarf on the wrapper but its for knitting. Does anyone have a pattern for crocheting scarves. As you can see from my previous posting I'm not to sure about scarves. I have 2 skeins of each color. It's Lion Brand 1.75 ozs. Is it hard to crochet with this type of yarn?

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deedee - The women in my knitting/crochet group (all very experienced) said that the fun fur is a bear to crochet with; much easier to knit. One of them knit a narrow scarf using 2 strands; one of the fun fur and one of a similar color lightweight yarn to give it more body. It turned out beautiful and she only used one skein of the fun fur.

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I was afraid someone was going to say that. It looks like it would be difficult to crochet with. I don't know how to knit so maybe there is something else I can do with it. Thanks!!!!

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Give it a shot - it will certainly make it tougher to see how your stitches are going together, but that doesn't mean it is impossible. Your stitches will be obstructed, so keep the construction super simple and use a large hook.

If it is too frustrating, perhaps you could use it as a trim or just for accents on a piece that is primarily made out of something easier to work with?

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I would advise that you be quite an experienced crocheter before using Fun Fur. Do use a simple stitch and a large hook. You might want to put this yarn aside for awhile as you gain experience, and then see what you think.

I always knit with Fun Fur, and usually with very large needles.

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I've been crocheting for a long time mostly rippled afghans but I've never worked with the fun fur. So what you are saying is if I do try it I would follow a basic pattern for a scarf and just use the biggest needle I have?

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Probably. You cannot see where the next stitch should go because of all the fur. If the stitches are big enough, you can kind of feel where the next stitch hole is with your fingers. It can be frustrating, but at least if you skip a stitch, you can also fake it and add a stitch somewhere else and the mistakes do not tend to show up. Be sure to always count the stitches in each row as you go along, and that will help.

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