Chiropractor " a scam?" update

martinca_gwSeptember 20, 2012

Reporting back on granddaughter's chronic ankle trouble: wonder of wonders, she has been pain free for almost three weeks. This after seeing two orthopod specialist and seeing a p.t. For a month or more, resulting in no help, only more pain.

I do not know to what extent the in- office treatments effected her "cure"', and how much is owed to her orthotics. He gave much credit to the inserts. In office included ultra sound, an electric shock machine(name?), "adjustments"' of one or two minutes, and the orthotic fitting.

This is the man who boldly gaurenteed he'd have her fixed in 6 weeks.......and yes he did! Now, time will tell , but for now we are all utterly amazed and thrilled. Her orthotics feel/ fit fine and she no longer must wear her brace. I will report back in six months. Meanwhile, though it still seems like hocus pocus to this sceptic, there is a new acceptamce to the potential benefits of chiropractic medicine.....and I cannot believe I just wrote that!!

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What wonderful news. You and your family must be elated. I see a chiropractor from time to time and have had excellent results but not all chiropractors are cut from the same cloth. I've had some who weren't very good and the one I have now, who is in my opinion more than just a "bone cruncher" but also knows a great deal about health and wellness in general. Congratulations.

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Great news, I've been following your post; I got a referral for a good chiropractor and I intend to see him in October for my lower back pain.

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It just goes to show that you need to try everything! Also, you were lucky to find a skilled Chiropractor. It is very important ot go to someone highly recommended.

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