Anyone have any crocheted snowflake or ball cover patterns?

bruggirl100September 19, 2005


New here. I've been at GW for a long time, but just got back into my crafting, so I've been looking around at THS and love it! Hate to come in asking for something, but I really need these patterns.

I know I had some, but I cannot for the life of me find them, and I'd love to make some this year. I have some old glass balls I want to spray paint in different metallic colors and put into ball covers.


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bruggirl100, try I think that's the site. You have to register, but it is free. I used to have some in one of the crochet magazines, but I gave it away. I'm sure I saw some from the magazine I had on this site last year. Your idea sounds great! Welcome back to the crafting world!


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Try this site.
There is a ton of free patterns here.

Linda from PA

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Thanks so much! I've bookmarked them, and will look later when I have more time.

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I got all excited because I KNEW I'd seen some somewhere.

And I did find them again. There is a 6-pointed snowflake pattern near the top of the page. And several patterns for balls near the bottom.

Unfortunately, they are all knitted!

Can you be converted?

Here is a link that might be useful: knitted snowflake & ball covers

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I have a cute little snowflake that I happened upon while playing with a border pattern (couldn't get the pattern to come out right but came up with the snowflake).

It's really simple. Just chain 5 and close to form a circle then chain 3 as a "turn" stitch. Using the "eye" of the circle (rather than one of the stitches) work 13 Trebel then 3sc turn. Now using the space between every second trebel stitch, work a pointed shell (3dc, 3sc, 3dc) until you work all the way back to the start.

Best Wishes

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I have tons of them. Are you still looking forthem or did you find what you needed.

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i've been trying to find all my old glass ball cover patterns, and i had the same magazine that had maybe 6-10 of them, but it's been gone for many moves.

did find these patterns for crochet ball covers:
(size 10 thread/size 7 steel hook)
(size 10 thread/size 9 steel hook)
(luster or knit-cro sheen/size E hook)

they're sorta like the ones i had. plan on giving them a try tonight.

good luck!

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