Hugging strangers

pesky1September 15, 2012

I watched this video and it really was interesting. I kind of have mixed emotions...I mean, I think it's cool that people would be accepting of a hug from a stranger, but at the same time, how dangerous could that potentially be? What are your thoughts?

Here is a link that might be useful: hugs

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I am a big but selective hugger. My last company (inherited as the result of a merger) was -very- huggy and I never liked it. I hugged and kissed my boss who I had worked with for 12 years but he was also a dear friend. Strangers? I might be sparked to hug a stranger under special conditions but it wouldn't be likely that I'd just give or accept one under normal (or abnormal lol) circumstances.

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I don't hug except my DH and children. I have a very large personal space area and my friends and the rest of my family have learned to accept it.

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The video was fun! I think I would have hugged them back. It kind of reminded me of the Dave Matthews video where he goes around hugging everyone- can't remember the name of the song- it was about love every day or something.

But,I think hugging is sometimes done too much! Especially when you see people fairly often and it feels like an obligation.

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Honestly, if a stranger approached me and tried to hug me, I'd be escaping. Or using my martial arts skills to hurt them and keep them away.

It's only recently that hugging has moved out of the sphere of family and close friends, to the massive hug-everyone-you-know deal.

To me, hugs are for people I know and whom I want to hug--it's a sign of affection. I rarely feel affectionate towards strangers. A stranger coming up to me and trying to hug me? I would suspect that they want to hurt or rob me, neither of which I am comfortable with. Or that they are drunk or high, which again, I'm not comfortable with. I'd most likely call the police on them.

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Ick! I don't like strangers in my personal space.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

No. Funny video though! I don't hug anyone except close friends and family.
Other peoples dogs get lots of indiscriminate hugs, however.

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In this random situation I'd be wondering if they were going to pick-pocket me! I'm moderately OK with someone hugging, but it depends on the situation. In the video the hugging lacked context so there was no way of knowing if it was a positive or negative experience until after the fact if nothing bad happened.

My SIL's family uses cheek kissing as a greeting. I did not grow up with that social gesture so I'm not naturally comfortable with it but I've come to understand the regional difference and accept it when I visit. The intent is good.

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Forget about strangers -- I don't like hugging, or being hugged, by many of my own family members. Truth is, I'm selfish. I don't want a woosey hug. Like I don't want a limp handshake. I don't want to be squeezed to death, but I have a cousin who is the best hugger -- just the right squeeze quotient with a little back rubbing. And it feels so good that I hug that way back! Unfortunately, I don't see her all that often.

A stranger approaching me and hugging me would end up flat on the ground. I don't care if they're trying to teach the world to smile!

(And I'm with Bumblebeez when it comes to the dogs I like! Kisses and hugs!)

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I hug all my friends and family, along with the proverbial back rub Pammyfay gets, but only to those I actually "know". Everyone gets a smile and acquaintances get a hello-but, that's pretty normal where I live, and I get it right back.

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