I got my bamboo DP needles

sandra_fergusonSeptember 13, 2008

I got my DP bamboo needles today from China and they are every bit as nice as the 13" ones I got earlier...sets up through and including size 15s..and all for less than $13.00.

Don't be afraid...I have absolutely no complaints with the service or the price.

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Another satisfied customer. Seriously, good to know that it wasn't a scam or bait and switch. I hope you knit kazillions of happy stitches with them Sandra.

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I'd like to get a set myself....how do I go about ordering them?

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Yes, I could use a bamboo or wood set of dpns. How do we identify the company you recommend?

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I bought mine on an auction on ebay, but they have an online ebay store http://stores.ebay.com/8seasonKnitting you could surf around on ebay and see if they have an auction now, on what you want...and, check with their online store to see what they sell them for without the auction.
The only problems are....it takes about 21 days to get here from China .......English is not their native tongue, but Hong, the contact person, seems to be a very nice lady, and very helpful, even if the English is a bit 'off'. I wouldn't hesitate to buy from them.
Now I'm awaiting the brown yarn auction I 'won' for 99cents + $8.00 shipping...coming from inner Mongolia!!! (who even KNEW there was an INNER Mongolia?) lol

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Wal Mart has double pointed needles in bamboo and I love them. They are nice and smooth, really a pleasure to work with. Vique.

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