Gordo's walnut & white kitchen

GauchoGordo1993January 9, 2014

We're still decorating, but it's done enough to share some photos and say thanks to all the folks that helped with our design a year ago. I just looked back and that thread and it's amazing how many folks took the time to share their ideas.

I'd like to say a special thanks to the following folks:

kris_ma for advising against a corner sink and in favor of single level peninsula - We're huge fans of the single level peninsula.

remodelfla for suggesting that I open up the wall between kitchen and dining room - Great idea, love it.

liriodendron and hollysprings for recommending consolidation of seating & dining - Amen. I'm a dining consolidation evangelist now!

tracie.erin for vetoing DW in primary prep - Great advice, thanks!

hollysprings for suggesting the walk-in pantry and putting the final kibosh on the corner sink. The walk-in pantry is the bomb, and so happy that we moved the sink out of the corner.

kaneshoney for advising against the prep sink on the island. There are times when it would be handy to have a prep sink on the island, but there are more times when I appreciate the uninterrupted counter and open space underneath. I also appreciate not having the additional plumbing and disposal to maintain, and I'm glad that I didn't have to make room for another trash can. So overall, I think no prep sink was definitely the right choice for us.

aliris19 for suggestingt that I consider fridge landing. We moved the fridge as a result of this advise and it is better.

And last but not least, sochi for the walnut & white inspiration.


We're very happy with how it looks and works. Cabinets are Ikea except for the walnut drawer fronts and side panels, which are Scherr's bookmatched walnut veneer (horizontal on drawer fronts and vertical on side panels). Counters are Silesone blanco maple (perimeter) and cemento spa (island). Floors are engineered strand bamboo. Range and fridge are LG, range hood is Zephyr Brisas, dishwasher is Bosch, and the built-in microwave is Ikea.

So without further ado, here's what it looks like.

before, from hall to family room

after, from hall to family room

before, from living room

after, from living room:

from pantry

Undercabinet light circuit is great for task & night lighting. The light under the island is particularly cool I think.

From fridge

From stairs

From my seat at dining table :)

From dining side of peninsula:

Backsplash is 16x6" textured glass tile. Super cool stuff - the photo really doesn't do it justice. I can't find it online, but the order form says "TMO Cal Wave Shimmering Sand".

From family room:

Can you see the drawers built-in under the stairs in the previous photo? I have power to the top drawers in that stack so we can charge phones and other stuff there.

Trash, recycling, and 2.5 gallon point of use water heater. Before renovation, it took up to 105 seconds to get hot water at the kitchen faucet, and now it takes 2 seconds.

Walk-in pantry. We especially appreciate storing all the small appliances in here.

I also replaced our front door with this 5 lite white lami jobber from Rogue Valley Doors.

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everything looks amazing! you really transformed the entire space.

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Beautiful job. What a difference!

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Wow! What a fantastic transformation you've made of it! I just love the walnut and white together in your space, and the under-island lighting is both unique and lovely. The whole thing just looks so much more open and inviting. The red stools are so cool, too, and make a little punch there that seems perfect.

Can you please say a bit about that great looking range hood? It looks wonderful! I wouldn't be at all surprised if you heard from IKEA about featuring your new kitchen in their next catalog!

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Love it. Looks great and seems much more functional and lots of storage.

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Gordo -- Way Cool!!
It just seems like your house would be saying 'Thanks- I needed that!!'
Love the light fixtures, the front door, the stools, the tile, oh just everything! You done good.

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Wow, what an amazing transformation! Love your front door.

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Thanks guys.

The range hood is a 36" Zephyr Brisas, which is a low end Zephyr model. I like the look and it exhausts well with reasonable noise. I'm not sure I can wholeheartedly recommend it though becuase it seems a little flimsy to me. I'm guessing that Zephyr buys it from someone else and relabels it, but I don't know. Ikea carries a similar looking 30" hood, probably made by Whirlpool, that in hindsite might have been a better choice for me.

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Thanks for the info on the range hood. I'm looking at something similar by Ancona in a 30" size and it looks almost identical (maybe the same rebranded). The Ancona does have real baffle filters and I like that feature. Thanks for the info on the Zephyr.

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Those book-matched walnut cab fronts are da bomb! That is some seriously gorgeous cabinetry in a wonderfully, functional kitchen. Love the under-cabinet lights under the island. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing!

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Kathy Rivera

Super cool! I love that backsplash tile and I covet your pantry!!!

I just posted a two-tone reveal Tuesday. Totally different style, but I think we need to declare a new acronym for us all - TTK! We can start to compete with the OTKers!!!


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Your kitchen looks awesome! Your whole house looks totally different with the walls you removed and reconfigured. Totally jealous about your hot water. I know I'll be timing my hot water arrival when I get home.
Please share your backsplash-love the tile size. Congratulation-such a cool kitchen!

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After looking at your old thread, I remember that I had checked it out at one time. What a lot of iterations you had before coming up with your final plan. Definitely worth all that effort. Love your walnut cabinets and unique design. Your front door is awesome!

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Beautiful, Gordo! It was fun reading the shout-outs at the top. GW at its finest. Congratulations on a beautiful renovation, perfect for your family.

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It is really neat! I would never have been able to imagine the design changes but opening the walls looks so great!

Particularly appreciate the storage under the stairs with the charging drawers. I lived in an 1860 house that had cupboards under the stairs and always thought it was a great idea.

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I'm so glad I happened by! Gorgeous kitchen, great job. Incredible transformation.

Opening up that wall was brilliant, the cabs are stunning. I love the sink area too. Enjoy it!

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Looks great. Love the stools you have. and the under cabinet lighting under the island counter.

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Congratulations! I love the cabinet mix, and the backsplash! It all looks so open and fresh, those stools are terrific. Thank you for sharing it!

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Hey romy,
FYI, I added anothe pic of the backsplash above. It really is super cool. I can't find it online anywhere though.

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What an inspiring transformation. I agree, fresh and open, with pretty lighting. If I had a kitchen that looked that lovely at night, I'd never be able to go to bed.

I'd just stay up, running my fingers over the ripples on the cool backsplash tiles (they look so touchable!)

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Super-looking kitchen!

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Very nice! So open and spacious! Enjoy!

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I love it! Its so unique, has so much personality. Love the backsplash so much, and I have major pantry-envy.

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That is awesome! Definitely in my top 5 islands! Love the stools.

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This is beautiful! What a huge difference between the before and after! YouâÂÂve really made an amazing transformation of the space -- all the time spent on the design was worth it -- itâÂÂs perfect. Being a lover of all things modern, I am drooling at your finishes (especially the walnut, holy cow!) and I can definitely see the Sochi influence in your materials and design. Thanks for sharing. These pics are definitely going into my âÂÂin my next homeâ filesâ¦.

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Beautiful kitchen! What a transformation!
Where are the custom fronts from? We are doing ikea white abstrakt and i am hoping to change some of the doors at some point…

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Hi YuliaO,
I got the walnut fronts and panels to Ikea specs from Scherr's and I would use them again in the future. I undersand that Semihandmade is another option, but I don't have any experience with them.

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Love this! So modern and fresh..really unique! You removed just the right amount of wall/soffit to brighten everything up. Love those stools and island underlighting. Great job..enjoy!

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The walnut looks amazing and I could stare at your backsplash all day!! What a great transformation.

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Wow!! This is a kitchen "to save" for the thoughtful use of materials and design. Beeeutiful! Thanks for sharing all the specifics!

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Really like the white lacquer and walnut together. Looks great! Enjoy!

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