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Vique_PaSeptember 3, 2008

to see what all of you are doing. I can't remember how long I have been coming to the garden Web, but it has been a few years. I started out at the kitchen table, then I tip toed into the cooking and related forums, that is when I started gaining weight. So, I decided maybe I should leave there for awhile. My next jaunt was to check out the beauty forum. Well, it seems like you have to be a bit younger than I am to use all the things they recommend. At 71, I am too old to wear a lot of make-up. I bid that one goodbye and walked over to your group. Now, to be honest I am not going to leave the kitchen table, I love it there, but I hope to make some new friends here. I have been sewing since I was old enough to hold a needle properly. My mother was an excelent seamstress and she is the one who taught me.

I remember my sewing teacher in school telling us to do something a certain way, I can't remember what it was, but her way of doing it and mother's way were different. When it was time for the teacher to inspect the project, she questioned the way I had done it and my answer to her was, "this is the way my mother does it and she has been sewing longer than you are old." She was less than thrilled with my attitude, but pretty much left me and my projects alone. I did pass by the way. Mother also taught me how to crochet, and embroider. A friend of mine taught me knitting, and I taught myself how to tat and make peruvian lace and cross stitch. If you set me in a corner with a basket full of yarns and threads, an array of needles in all sizes, I will be happy. I have made everything from baby booties to wedding gowns. So, whatcha doin now? vique

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I don't post much but loved your story. What I am working on now is my second sock. I'm almost done. It took a long time to get these socks done, but I think they turned out pretty good. My 16 year old son wanted them for winter. So he will get them. I really wanted them done last winter but didn't make it. I need to figure out how to do two at the same time.

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Vique, welcome to the knitting forum! And you better not leave the KT! I know where to look for you, now.

Vickyj, The way I do my socks, is to start both of them at the same time on seperate needles. Especially with the new self striping yarns. That way I can get them to match, and trick myself into thinking I am finishing quicker. I have the same problem with getting one finished, then thinking "You mean I still have one more to go?!" I also find that my tension stays closer on each sock that way. I do a couple of inches on one, then work on the other for a while.

Vique, I have socks on the needles right now, and just started the sleeve to a sweater, after making three gauge swatches, before finding the right size needle! That gives me two different size needles for my hands to work with, so they don't cramp as easily.


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Vique, welcome to our little forum. I frequent the kitchen table, too. This forum is a bit slow, sad to say, but I enjoy our time together. I also learned to sew and crochet via Mom, and knit later at school. My sewing teacher was also less than thrilled at my attitude. I could not fathom why she wanted me to baste EVERYTHING. I thought it was such a waste of time and thread. But - "we" had to do things her way. She always said "We", but I always ended up doing all the work!

Just tonight I finished up my second Baby Surprise Jacket. I just have to put the buttons on and then I'll take pictures to share. I'm letting my daughter pick out the buttons, as she did the colors. It's for my grandbaby, Exaiden.

I am planning on starting another BSJ in a week or so (I joined a KAL at Ravelry). I have decided to use Lustersheen in white and a bit of peach and yellow thrown in for accent.

And I have one and a half gloves with half-fingers done for my sister-in-law, who works outside even in the winter. I think there is enough yarn left to make a pair for myself as well. I also just finished the Delft Delight Afghan I was crocheting, no pics yet though.

Actually, I have several more things on the needles and hooks. I always have lots going.

Happy to have another crafter on the forum.

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I learned to knit and purl from my mother one cold winter day in Illinois. Mom must have been desperate to give us something constructive to do, so we were all taught at the same time. I taught myself how to cast on in college when knitting on big needles was all the rage.

I too took sewing in high school, and I had learned to hem with a totally different stitch than the teacher's. I had to do it her way, which worked just as well.

I just finished the Special Olympic scarves I talk about in another thread here. DGS doesn't need any more cardigans or vests for the meantime, even though I am curious to try a no sewing up seams pattern. The girl who grew up next door to us is having her 2nd baby and 1st daughter in January, so I do need to knit and crochet just a little more for her.

However, gals, I have been putting off finishing the crochet thread tablecloth for my son's friend, and I need to gather my courage and get to it. I will need to take it apart, which is what has scared me into doing nothing. There is no more matching thread, and she put the motifs into a jagged round so that she could use it unfinished. He has a rectangular table, and so I need to pull it apart to make a rectangle and re stitch the last connecting row of many motifs. But she is a very tight crocheter, and so I will have to sacrifice one motif to splice the others into place. I think I will have enough motifs to make the top edge of his table in her work. Then I will add the sides in a much whiter thread as well as a little starburst of connecting threads between all of the motifs. Some of her stitches have torn as she did not do the little starbursts between the motifs, which would have strengthened the cloth for laundering purposes, so I will try to mend those tears too. This is to be his law school graduation gift from two moms. I hope he likes it when it is finished. I just wish I did not feel so afraid, but the only way he can use it is for it to be repaired and reshaped and finished, so I will.

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My name is Casey I am very new to your knitting forum. My mom is 60 years old and she has an incredible talent with her knitting and crocheting. In the last five years she began to work with kilns, stonegrinders, and all kinds of heavy equipment to make custom glass and stone buttons for knitters and crocheters. Her buttons are beautifully done, and I started a website for her to sell them. If you would like to take a look, please visit, or just click the link below. When on the website look for the "glass buttons" and "stone buttons" categories off to the left. The "Greenbean" part of the website's name is for her because she gives herself the artist name, "Greenbean". I only have a handful of the thousands of buttons she has made put up on the website, but I am trying my best to get them all up there. Please let me know what you all think because these one-of-kind buttons are made for knitters and crocheters like you. Thanks.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Hi Vique,

Another KTer here, but I like this forum too. I'm finishing up a second sock and a baby afghan. Waiting for the blue and white yarn to come in the mail so I can start an Olympic scarf. Also am helping my neighbor with a baby afghan she's knitting with 4 yarns. After she finishes, I hope she starts something with 1 yarn. She'll think it's so easy!

Welcome to the Knitting Forum.


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Well, everyone, as I searched through my yarn stash for suitable baby girl yarn for the sweater and bootie set for the ex neighbor's baby girl, I found two skeins of Red Heart Super Saver white and two skeins of Delft Blue. I must have bought it last year when I made my GS a sweater from the blue, which is really pretty. So now I am knitting and crocheting more Special Olympic scarves till it is all used up. As a result, all my other projects are on delay. Geeeeesh!

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Gee, this thread has grown since I posted here. Thanks everyone for replying to it. I am making some socks to keep my feet warm this winter. I am using four needles, I bought a book on how to make socks on a circular needle so you don't have any seams. But, I got tired of fighting with the long plactic filament getting all tanged up in my yarn, and threw that idea out the window. Knitting is calming isn't it, that is when you are using needles you are comfortable with. Talk to ya later, must start supper now. Vique.

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