Embroidering flowers on sweater

jxbrownSeptember 11, 2012

I've just about finished a sweater for a baby of unknown gender. It's blue and I would like to embroider some flowers if appropriate! The only websites I've found have been "lazy daisy" flowers which I did learn in the Brownies, but I'd like something a touch more sophisticated. Any ideas?

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I know I posted an answer for you this afternoon, but it seems to have disappeared. The only other stitch I can think of to use for the flowers would be the satin stitch, but it also takes a bit of the stretch out of a knit fabric. It would work best if the flowers are very small. How about the lazy daisy stitch with a little bit of satin stitch to fill it in? I would do the satin stitch first, then a lazy daisy stitch to surround the satin stitch. This would also serve to cover up any uneven satin stitches. Just a thought.

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There are some pretty ideas here: http://pinterest.com/deedeeraelow/stitching-1-2-3/

And here:

Here is a link that might be useful: Ribbon embroidery flowers.

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Barnmom, those are beautiful. I'm especially impressed by the irises!

I just looked at the original post though, and see that she is talking about making something for a baby whose sex is not known. I think I would steer clear of flowers. I can't imagine putting flowers of any kind on something that might be worn by a boy.

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I suppose it depends on the flower. Aloha shirts are covered in flowers and men wear them. :)

Maybe a edging of feather stitch would dress it up and not be gender specific but make it unique.


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I'm planning on embroidering the sweater if it's a girl. A boy will get a plain blue. It seemed like the best solution and I already had some pretty blue yarn! Those silk ribbon flowers are awesome.

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