Which heat pump brand is best for mostly cooling?

fishcallMay 5, 2011

We have to replace our 2.5 ton heat pump after 6 years because the freon leaked out, black sludge (oil) formed in lines, compressor and coils ruined. We had the compressor replaced under warranty but sludge was still in lines even after using R-11 flush and new compressor was ruined. Two HVAC contracgtors have told us that we need to replace everything. Of course, both contractors only recommend replacing with the brands that they sell. One sells Bryant and the other Heil/Tempstar. I want to have a few other contractors selling other brands come out for a quote. Is there a particular brand of heat pump that is better for cooling than others? We live in coastal South Carolina and rarely use the heat on the upstairs unit. Which brands are currently offering the best warranty? I know it is all about who installs the unit because most of the internal parts are the same, but there are 100s of HVAC contractors in my area and have not been lucky with getting good recommendations locally. Thank you for your help.


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that is a strange question.

If you are truly in a coastal location close to the ocean, it's my opinion that Trane/AmStd hold up best and longer in harsh environment.

these are my minimum specs for a new HP system. both outside and inside units should be replaced to have a properly matched system.

15 SEER, 12.5+ EER, 9 HSPF
best matching VS air handler
full BTUs in both cooling and heating for your rated size
R-410a refrigerant(same as Puron)
scroll compressor preferred
electronic demand defrost preferred
thermostat with "dehumidify on demand" feature
staged backup heat strips
new and correctly sized refrigerant lineset

you want a thorough inspection of your ductwork system. size, overall condition, supply and return lines, insulation qualities, leak test, etc.

any hot/cold spot issues in your home should be addressed.

I would only use authorized dealers for the various brands that provide quotes. see mfg websites.

I would look at Trane/AmStd,Rheem/Rudd,Carrier/Bryant.

I would not purchase a new HP system that did not have electronic demand defrost.

for the two brands mentioned, I prefer Bryant depending on mdls of system.

you want a new system that offers a minimum 10 yr warranty on parts and compressor.


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In coastal NC, nearly everyone uses Trane for the reasons listed above.

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If you follow Tigers recommendation you should get a txv metering system standard to meet the specs but make sure the system has txv metering not piston type and you will have better humidity control.

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