re-reveal curvy natural cherry kitchen (tons of pics)

badgergalJanuary 17, 2013

I can't believe my new kitchen just turned 1 year old. I did a reveal after it was done and I have posted individual pictures many times since then. I just decided to post on the finished kitchen blog but realized that some of my original pictures have been moved around in my photo-bucket account and consequently deleted in my original reveal. So I thought it was easiest to just start over.
I am sorry if I should not be doing this a second time and apologize to those of you are tired of seeing my kitchen. Also sorry that the pictures are so large-can't edit the size on my iPad.
My original kitchen was a 10'-8" x 11' space. My DH and I always felt trapped in its small u-shape. We hired an independent designer to address this concern and come up with a new floor plan. The only way we could increase the size of the kitchen a little was to shift and reduce the large entry way to the kitchen and dining area. This made the kitchen 12'-8" x 11'.
We hired a small Amish cabinet shop that we were familiar with to make and install our new cabinets. Since we already had some cherry accents in our hardwood floors we decided to go with natural cherry cabinets.
We used a general contractor to do the demo, construction, plumbing, electrical and the floor repair/refinishing. We hired our own granite fabricator. Our remodel was 7 weeks start to finish. And we were extremely lucky to have no issues at all in the remodel process.

Here is our original floor plan

And some pictures of the original kitchen

Our new floor plan

New Kitchen
View from dining area

New Island

Silgranit Performa Medium Sink and Grohe LadyLuxe3 faucet

Bosch 500 series custom panel dishwasher

So easy to unload dishes into drawer

36 inch dish drawer

Rev-a-Shelf Pullout Trash

Backside of island-Cabinet maker surprised us by adding small display shelves

Tech Lighting Otto Pendants give off nice diffused light

GE Profile Oven and GE Advantium Speed Cook Oven

Above oven storage

Glass,stone and stainless back splash and Dacor Renaissance

Close up view of tile- 21Century - Shamrock Shake Multi

Verde Peacock Granite

Love my Venta Hood Model ZTH

Pantry Pull Outs- surprised how much this small pantry holds

Spice drawer thanks to Breezy

Carpenter shortened drawer and cut down drawer sides to clear cooktop

Angled Cabinets on each side of oven cabinet actually store lots of items

Samsung Counter Depth Refrigerator

Kichler DesignPro LED Under cabinet lighting- Don't know how I lived without it before

Kitchen Sitting Area- These swivel gliders are so comfy

Dining Area

Kichler Quinn Chandelier

New China Cabinet

Close up of cabinet hardware- Hickory Hardware Greenwich Collection

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Too funny- I was just reviewing another post and noticed your missing pictures! I always live seeing your gorgeous kitchen. Have you posted on the finished kitchen spot? If not this should trigger an email to get you started.
I am afraid to organize my pictures for the same reason!
I am planning to borrow a friends SLR to take better pictures for the final kitchen site.

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I love your re-reveal. I never noticed before that your backsplash is only behind your cooktop. That is something I am contemplating and now I feel newly inspired!

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Those cabs are so beautiful! Did you say they are natural cherry? No stain, right? So, so pretty. I'm glad you put it on again. Who gets credit for thinking of the curvy cabs?

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Oh! This kitchen! Thanks for posting it all in one place. Love seeing everything at once. Your kitchen turned out beautifully. Love your pulls and I am seriously considering them in our remodel.


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I love seeing pics of your kitchen! Beautiful. I am now sure I spend too much time here, I recognized your granite as verde peacock before you wrote that it was. A year ago I couldn't tell quartz from granite.

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Beautiful kitchen ! Thank you for sharing again.

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Never too tired to see your lovely kit! I agree that it is nice seeing all the pictures together.

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Can't believe it's been a year, since it was such an inspiration for my own, now finished kitchen. Great job!

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Bagergal, I don't think I ever saw your reveal because I sure would have remembered! It's gorgeous. I love the sumptuous curves and the fabulous stone. The creativity is awesome and it also functions so perfectly. Thanks so much for the re reveal!

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Love it still!

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Absolutely gorgeous! Very creative. Mind sharing who did your cabinets?

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Happy birthday to one of my favorite kitchens! You should celebrate it with a birthday cake that you bake in it!

Those curves are just so unique and special.

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Thanks for the repost! I missed the first reveal and noticed some of your photos had disappeared. Such a beautiful kitchen!

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I'm glad for the repost too. I've seen a photo of your kitchen here and there, but have never seen the whole thing. Your kitchen is gorgeous and I love your sitting area. How do you like the trash pullout?

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I admit it.
I'm sick of looking at pictures of people's kitchens.
Yes. Bored.
BTDT, with nothing new under the sun.
Yes. Bored.

Ok. I'll be back.
Gonna browse through the last 6 months of kitchens just to make certain I didn't miss anything that bores me.
I'll also make certain to publicly chastise anyone who has not bothered to post every completed picture (and not so complete) so I can be tired of them.

[whisper] I have such kitchen envy of your beautiful, light and clean space. Tired? [snort] keep 'em coming.

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CEfreeman: you crack me up.

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What I never noticed before was how beautiful the edges of your counters are with the way the colour goes right through the whole slab. (of course but I just never noticed.) It;s gorgeous.

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I can never see too much of your beautiful kitchen or see it too often. Thanks for posting it again!

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No words...really, one of my hands down favorite kitchens of all time. Just totally blows me away.

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I love your space, and really like the unique elements (curves cabs and corner ovens).

Curious questions tho: since it gets asked here a bit: any issues with storing your wine above the (potential heat source) fridge? Also, is it safe to store a rolled up paper (a manual maybe?) so close underneath your gas cooktop? I don't have gas, so I don't know if it's a combustion risk underneath the burners.

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There is no such thing as too many pictures or too frequent pictures of a kitchen that lovely. Maybe everyday for a couple of years, and we might tire of it - otherwise, no way. I think there should be more pictures to be perfectly honest.

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Thanks everyone for your kind words. I discovered this website shortly after we had decided on the layout but still in time to learn lots of valuable information. I continue to enjoy reading everyone's posts and seeing all the beautiful kitchens.
A2, your finished kitchen pictures are what motivated me to re-post my kitchen. You did such a great job with your pics that I decided to take new pictures of my kitchen. Also Starpooh had emailed me asking to archive my backsplash so I needed to replace all my missing pictures. Sounds like you cooked up a great brunch your fabulous kitchen. You've given me more recipes to try.

Localeater, since my sink was on the island and I do my prep over there, I didn't think I needed backsplash tile anywhere except behind the cooktop. I think it becomes a focal point when it's just in one spot.

Deedles, yes my cabinets are natural cherry with no stain on them. They have gotten a little darker and richer looking since they were installed but that is a characteristic of cherry. The curved cabinets were the brainstorm of our designer. She actually specializes in medical/dental offices but will do residential too. She will do just one room, a whole house or even the outdoors.

Ck_squared, if you go with the hickory hardware pulls be sure to check local cabinet and door hardware speciality stores if you have any near you. I got them cheaper locally than on Internet sites.

Williamsem, funny you should say that about knowing granite names. I was at someone's house last weekend and asked her if her granite was Crema Bordeaux and she had no idea, even though she and her DH had picked it out when they built there house. So yeah, I spend to much time on here too.

CallMeJane, my cabinets were made by Miller Cabinet Co. It is a very small shop located in Markesan, WI which is about 80 miles from my house.

Kellienoelle, I loved following your kitchen posts. Can't wait to see your new house and kitchen. Maybe I'll bake a cake this weekend.

Marti8a, the trash pullout is great. It has a gas assisted spring mechanism that makes it almost effortless to open and close. It is not a problem having it under the sink.

CEFreeman, love your sense of humor and I make sure I read everyone of your post. I think you should start sharing some more pictures of your projects.

Co_Co, you are correct that everyone says not to store wine above the fridg but I can't feel any heat above my fridge and generally the bottles are only up there for a brief period of time. Thanks also for your concern about the rolled up item under my cooktop. It is actually a rolled up vinyl pastry mat. I do have the minimum clearance below the cooktop that manufacturer recommends. It only gets a little bit warm under the cooktop so all should be fine.

Thanks again everyone.

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Thank you. I had not seen it. I really love your hood and tile. You must be so happy now.

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Very clever design. lovely.

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Another question: what brand/model is your soap dispenser. From one angle it looks like it has a longer nozzle (is that what it's called?). Seems like that would be very nice to have! I'm searching for soap dispensers now that I've picked out my faucet!

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Cathy, I sent you an email with some info about the soap dispenser. Let me know if you don't receive it.

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I agree, one of my all-time favorite kitchens! The curvy cabinets are incredible.

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So very glad that you re-posted everything together! It is extremely frustrating when pictures no longer show up in the thread. I love your kitchen! It is one of my favorites too. This time I noticed your angled cabinets by your oven. That is so clever! I am going to save this thread to refer back to your design as we plan our Reno.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! May you enjoy this kitchen for umpteen years to come!

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Thanks for the answers; I've always been curious about a real life experience with the wine near the fridge as I've heard on these boards not to do it. Now when somebody searches they can reference your experience!

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Wow what a difference! The new kitchen is lovely, but what I really love is the china cabinet. It's simply wonderful!!!

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Love it! This my first time seeing your kitchen, so thank you for posting these gorgeous pictures :-)

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It is gorgeous!! You did an amazing job!!

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My first time seeing it, too. What fun!

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badger_gal I love your kitchen, the cabinetry is so beautiful and original. Love the cozy sitting nook too, it makes me want to curl up with a book. I've long admired your kitchen but I never noticed your pendants before ... they are really lovely and they play off your backsplash just perfectly.

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Thanks, that was fun to see and read through. I smile every time I see your backsplash and curvy island! Must say, you are quite the visionary. I would never have looked twice at your backsplash sample but it's fabulous in place.

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Jaynees, Aboutto get Dusty, amandapadgett, and donaleen: thank you for your comments. I enjoy watching everyone's kitchens come together on this forum. We are all truly blessed to have such beautiful kitchens.

Taggie: thank you, we love the sitting area too. When we bought the house that area was set up as a dinette . We didn't like the look of a dinette table and dining table practically side by side so we turned into a comfy sitting area. Seems like someone is always sitting there. My sister turned me on to Tech Lighting. A bit pricey but I am glad that I went with them.

Oldbat2be: thanks, I followed your backsplash saga. Yours is certainly beautiful. I had a sample of cabinet wood and knew I wanted dark counters. I started out looking at the lowest priced granite and the verde peacock had my favorite color in it so that was an easy decision. I took a sample of the granite to a couple tile stores and that one jumped out of the box of samples and said, "pick me" just like a little puppy at the dog pound did one day. Unlike most GWers, I ordered my backsplash tile before anything else was actually ordered. I wanted to make sure it wouldn't suddenly be discontinued.

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Oh my! I am so glad you roster the pics.
Love those wonderful curves. So creative...even the china cabinet has curves.

Backslash...beautiful....does it have stainless steel in it? I would like it in a blue green. Lovely.
Thank you for posting again. Peek

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Holly- Kay


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I was surprised to get your follow up the other day to my re-reveal post. Thank you for your compliment. My backsplash tile does have stainless tiles in the mix. I like the addition of the stainless with the tiles but it does make it difficult to get a good picture of it with the camera flash. The lighter glass tile is a blue/green color but the rest of the glass tile or definitely green. The one is so dark green it looks almost black. Hope you find the perfect tiles for your backsplash.
Thank you too, Holly Kay. I still love how everything turned out. The cabinets are even more beautiful in person.

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Thank you for reposting your amazing kitchen!! I recognized bits and pieces from other posts, but seeing it all together is wonderful! Your kitchen is so unique! I love it :)

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