WalMart yarn clearance

sheilajoyce_gwSeptember 30, 2008

WalMart must be cutting the size of their yarn section. They are discontinuing their Caron Simply Soft and some other yarns. The SS is usually $2 their sign says and now it is $1.50. I decided not to buy the deep Prussian blue and be a good girl, but I did buy one skein of variegated yarn for a sweater. Most of it was gone when I got there last night. Bright orange, mustard yellow, and a little black were left.

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SheilaJoyce, our Wal-Mart had a different kind of "clearance". They "cleared" it right out of the store. When I was there a couple of days ago, I overheard a customer asking an employee where the yarn was, and the employee replied that there was no more craft section at all. I'm sad.

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That's too bad if they are discontinuing the yarn section. What's next, fabric?

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Yes. The WalMart by me has no fabric. Sad.

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So bummed! Our Walmart has sold almost all the Caron yarn out already and they didn't have any good colors left. This was my favorite yarn for knitting chemo caps for my daughter and I was looking forward to making some this winter for the oncology department again. NUTS!


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I'll have to check my yarn dept at WM tomorrow I think they are cutting off their noses to spite their faces getting rid of the crafts/sewing depts all over the country.

If I want to shop in a Target I'll go to Target WM has been increasing so many of their prices too.

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Annie, Michaels also carries Simply Soft.

My sister pointed out something I had missed. She told me that WalMart Simply Soft comes in less yardage. I checked the one skein I had bought, and she is right. The package or skein looks the same, but it is 4 ounces of variegated instead of 6 ounces. So maybe it is not such a bargain after all.

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The local Walmart here has been closing out all of their fabric and yarn stuff. By closing, I mean moving-- it just disappeared one evening. That part of the store has shrunk a lot. I understand that corporate has decided that those things don't make enough money and instead they are going to a party format. You know, sort of like "Party City" (another local store) where you can get all coordinating baby shower or birthday paraphenalia, etc. I'm bummed about it, since it was one of my only choices for reasonably priced fabric/yarn around here (No. VA). Most of the department is gone. My MIL reports the same in the area in WV where she is located. I hope all of you in other places have better luck than me!

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SheilaJoyce: That's good to know, there's a Micheals about an hour and a half from me, but not in a direction we usually travel. However at Christmas we plan to do some shopping out that way and I can stop then. Otherwise, it's nearly two hours to the next closest one. This is the trade-off we make for living in the country.

Our Walmart isn't closing down it's entire yarn stock, just the Caron the way it looks. Our fabric department is safe for the time being as well, as it's a primary fabric source for the Mennonite and Amish communties which are fairly large here.


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I too looked at the yarn supply at Walmart yesterday and Caron seems to be the only brand clearanced out. My Walmart has actually expanded their yarn area. About a year ago, they said that they were getting rid of the craft department, but I haven't seen any evidence of change as far as yarn and fabric are concerned. They did move electronics out of one of the isles and put party stuff in. I tend to buy my yarn/fabric at either Hobby Lobby or local independent stores, but I know alot of people will be upset if Walmart shoves the crafting section out the door.


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If you're looking for Caron to do charity work, check the link. It's a great price on 1 lb. bags of Caron simply soft, mill ends. I use it for almost all charity things, unless there is something specific requested.

Here is a link that might be useful: Caron SS mill ends

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I really liked the Caron Simply Soft better than Red Heart. I think Red heart is too stiff, where Simply soft is just that, soft. Vique

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Hi Everyone ,
A while back I received an email and part of it said
"If Walmart decides you don't need it don't need it!"I really don't like that and many other things about Walmart .Anyway , my daughter in law was told last year that they were removing the fabric section in this area(Albany NY)to make a bigger scrapbooking area. Only the largest stores in the area now have any fabric and the yarn seems to be dwindling .
I just picked up two purple simply soft to make a wimple and I love the stuuff. It was on sale .

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Crafty Gardener

Our Walmart got rid of their fabric awhile ago and tonight I noticed that the yarn section has been cut right back to just a bit. :(

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Janey - formerly jane2

Kareen, the problem with Walmart deciding what you need (or not) is that there are no other places left to go to.
When Walmart first arrives in an area, they put all the small, customized and local shops out of business. It then becomes their way or the highway.
And most times it is way, way up the highway to find another store with what you KNOW you want.

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Kareen, please describe a whimple to me. And do you have a pattern to share? One that would not be copy writed?

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Here is the link and picture . I love the look of them and started one but it was not coming out right . I am really bugged it is so simple and I am not getting it . Will try again when I get a long stretch of down time to concentrate.

Here is a link that might be useful: Dot's so simple wimple

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Right now, our WalMart is doing away with the 2 oz. size of Peaches & Creme. Guess the large cones will be next to go. We have no fabric at all. Thank goodness we live only about 40 miles from the nearest AC Moore and Michaels. I wish WalMart would go out of business altogether; then, maybe we could get some local folks to open up yarn shops.


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The walmart in my area has taken out the whole craft department.

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I HATE HATE HATE Wal-mart! That being said, when I need fabric for something, it was the most convenient place to go so I would brave it every now and then. Our Super Wal-mart (or Mall of Wart as my DH likes to call it) recently remodeled and the fabric section is completely gone. They do have a small amount of yarn. I'm almost glad they got rid of fabric though. I don't sew much, just the occassional halloween costume or whatever, so now I really have no need to set foot in that horrible store. I'd rather shop at Super Target any day. And we have a Michael's in the same shopping center as Target. I just wish Target sold paint and Michael's sold fabric!

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