A C short cycle yesterday and now won't shut off

cjdownsouth75May 3, 2011

Good morning. I have no experience with A/C so all help much appreciated.

Last week we had a power cut in the middle of the night. Since then I noticed a few issues with the A/C. Firstly the upstairs unit wouldn't power on without me going in to the attic and turning the power switch up there, the thermostat wouldn't control it. Then it worked fine for a few days. Last night it started going through short cycles, coming on for twenty seconds and going off repeatedly.

Tonight I came home from work and it's running, thermostat won't shut it off. It's blowing cold air constantly.....

I've taken the thermostat off to change batteries and a/c kept running and I still can't control it with new batteries in the Tstat. I can hear thermostat turning on and Off but fan is constant.

The downstairs unit is working no problem (knock on wood) and we didn't have any other electrical problems after power outage / surge....

Thanks a lot!

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