yarn substitute? and other questions

gracie01September 18, 2008

Hi all,

I have crocheted on & off for a long time, but never used any of the "new" yarns on the market. I have a pattern for a shawl that calls for "homespun or any other bulky yarn". I have heard that homespun is difficult to crochet with... true? If so, what do you suggest as a substitute? tia

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I would say that there are two types of homespun yarn: yarn that is home-spun and Lion Brand Homespun. I am assuming you are speaking of LB Homespun. It isn't difficult to crochet with, per se, but rather difficult to see your stitches so that you know where to insert the hook on the next round. That is because it isn't twisted as much as some other yarns. Any bulky yarn that is twisted well should work. Like Wool-Ease Thick and Quick, Jiffy Thick and Quick, etc.

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Thank you Donna.

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