New--glow in the dark yarn

sheilajoyce_gwSeptember 6, 2008

Did you see the email ad for the new Bernat glow in the dark yarn? It is available for a short time at Michael's, so I am thinking of getting some. It comes in white and pastels in green, yellow, raspberry and blue. I wonder how long it lasts through laundering.

Anyhow, I need to figure out what I can make for our little guy with that yarn. I think it will have to be a sweater as it is too warm in southern California for mittens or hats. You can make the whole item out of the glow in the dark yarn, or just a design on it. They are also selling special pattern books; one includes a black sweater that uses the white glow to make the skeleton rib bones of the chest on the sweater.

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I've known about this yarn for a while, but haven't seen it anywhere. I too, wonder how long it's glowing capability will last. Kind of a shame that it is only available in pastels, though.

I'd love to see what you come up with, Sheila.

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I opened the e-mail from Bernat last night, so of course this morning I headed out to Michaels to see if they had the yarn so I could have a look at it. I must say I was quite disappointed at how small the skeins were. Michaels was charging $4.99 per ball. A little project could end up costing a pretty penny. Not only that, I also wonder how long the glow in the dark feature would last with multiple washings?


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Maybe it would make a nice stripe on a cardigan cuff. That way he can see it easily to enjoy it while he wears the sweater. I cannot imagine buying much of it even if it were a bargain. As a rule, by the time it is dark, DD is getting him into bed.

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I also was intrigued with this. My Michaels was selling it for 3.99 and with a 40% coupon, I only bought one since I don't think it will work for what I wanted. The label says 5 minutes of light for 5 minutes of glow so that didn't sound like enough time for me. Figure I'll experiment with the light in the house and see but am not so sure about what happens after multiple washing. I had wanted to make headbands for the runners in my family but now don't think it would be that useful. Will probably just add a stripe in a hat or two for my friend's two granddaughers.

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It was $4.99 at my Micheal's today, in a 40 g skein. No way did I pay it, and I was only going to make the free ghost pattern they had in the Bernat web sit. I'll just use plain white yarn.


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tested it in the house and the glow is not as bright as I wanted so I plan to just use it for the stripe in a hat - with the coupon the "white" stripe is still more expensive than regular yarn but I needed to try it out -- after it is used and washed many times, I'll let you know how long it lasts

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I have made scarves out of this yarn for many of my friends children. They love the fact the it glows if only for a short period of time. BUt I can't find anymore anywhere. I looked on the Bernat website and didn't see it. PLease tel me could I can get some more

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