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daylilydayzedSeptember 19, 2008

I would love to dye a cone of white 100% cotton yarn on a cardboard cone with some dye to create my own ombre colored yarn. The yarn I am currently using is a dark green, a light green and a cream that is almost yellow and it is not working out like I had hoped it would. Is it possible to use fabric dye in squirt bottles to dye yarn? I realize the colors will bleed into each other and that is what I had hoped the yarn I am working with would do. But it is creating stripes and that is not how I wanted the item I am knitting to look. I know it may take a lot of dye to dye a 1 lb cone.

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You won't be able to dye it in the cone, of course. You'll need to make it into skeins....tie each skein together, loosely, in several places, to hold it together. If too tight, you wil 'miss' areas that will be covered up with the rest of the yarn.(tie it in a figure eight, with the cross over in the middle of the skein). You CAN use squeeze bottles with different colors...use those with the pointy end that you get in hair product supply places..those that are used for 'doing roots, etc. Personally, I'd try a sample skein, to see if you like it, see how the yarn 'takes the color', etc.. (dry yarn will take it completely differently than a damp skein). You wouldn't have to use large skeins, with lots of yarn...just a small one, tied the way you plan to tie the bigger ones will let you know if you like your results, without wasting a lot of yarn. (you want it loose enough so you can sort of 'fan out' the skein). After you've finished, be sure to then wash it, to see what effect that will have on the finished product. You might also want to do some internet reading on using kool ade to dye with...I've not tried it,(nor have I died cotton yarn...I'm strictly a wool gal), but you can get very bright and WOW colors using koolade. I've not actually seen it done on yarn itself, but on roving BEFORE it was spun into yarn, but the principle should be the same.

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Thank you so much . I realized I would have to take the yarn off the cone but that is not a problem . I would wet the yarn before putting the dye on it but other than that I think your advice is great. Thank you for taking the time to reply. I will be getting the supplies for dyeing a new cone of yarn . The cone I currently am using is committed to finishing an afghan I am knitting with it.

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I don't think you'll want to work with wet yarn....everything will run together and make mud....I, personally, would squirt the dyes onto dry yarn, to maintain some autonomy of color...as I said, try it with a small skein...both ways. You'll see a big difference between wet and dry yarn.

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I was definitely planning to try both wet and dry yarns to see which way the colors would bleed into each other the best. I want a light shading into a medium, medium shading into a dark value. My first color of the ombre yarns worked up just like that in blue, but the yellow didn't ,it had a light yellow, then white and then a dark almost orange color. The green ombre is the same way except it is cream instead of white and the creme is between the light and dark greens.

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