Never knit/crochet before. Need idea for a man scarf.

sennhiSeptember 6, 2006

Hi all,

I am in need of some ideas. I plan on knitting/crochetting a scarf for my boyfriend. I figure it will be a long-term project, so I wanted to start early.

He does not own any scarf since he's from the West Coast. So I really don't know what he likes, in terms of the pattern and sophistication of the scarf. Urm... I hope I make sense here.


P.S. I plan to have this done by Christmas. If you're wondering why do I start so early, I am a full-time student and this semester is kind of hectic.

Thanks all!!

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That's a great idea, and you are not starting too early. You'll have time to enjoy the project.

Do you already know how to knit or crochet? If not, it would be a good idea to have someone help you, or check out the lessons at a yarn shop, or some Michaels have lessons.

Lion Brand has lots of free patterns (you have to register, tho'). I noticed the Harry Potter scarf there in the crochet section (maybe knit too). You could do that scarf in the colors of his favorite team or school.

As for the yarn you choose, acrylics are the easiest as far as washing and drying. Wool and wool blends are nice (Lion's Wool Ease is a good looking yarn) but some people are sensitive to the itchiness of wool.

Another yarn I like for mens' scarves is Bernat Denim Style yarn. Michaels might have it. It is acrylic and cotton and has a marled pattern (not just a solid color). It knits up soft and and drapes well, not stiff at all. There are some good colors for men too. Last time I bought it I used the mans' scarf pattern which was right on the wrapper. I think it was quite simple, just knit every row.

Also, remember if you knit in a stockinette stitch (knit one row, purl one row), your scarf will curl up on the edges. I like mine to lay pretty flat and avoid a scarf done completely in stockinette. That's just me.

You'll get a lot of responses about your project here, but that's my 2 cents! Have fun!

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Hey Thanks! (I don't understand ALL of what you've said since I am just a newbie at this.)

I don't know what would look good on him though. I didn't want to get anything that would look so old... so I got this sweet stripes... it's from Bernat. It's soft, I like it. I am not sure if it's too babyish. Maybe I should get something else.

BTW, could you show me a link(s) where I could read about knitting and crocheting? I chose not to buy the manuals because they're expensive.

Keep the replies coming, thanks!!!

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Lion Brand has how to knit/crochet sections. Link is below.

Why don't you ask your friends or their moms if they can help you? Crocheting is easier than knitting, I think, but knitting would probably look better for a man's scarf.

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knitting a scarf is a great way to practice to develope your skills.
by all means, get an acrylic yarn-- for college students its the easiest thing to take care of-- toss into wash and dry in dryer. Its cheap and you can make him a new one next year that is fancier with better yarn!!!
i would suggest something in garter stitch-- that's where you just knit everything. it will give you a chance to develop a nice pace and you don't have to think about what stitch you are doing. you just need to concentrate on making sure you tension is even and you have the same number of stitches in each row.

like everyone suggests go to the lion brand web site. they have plenty of free patterns and ideas. pick out a color/type of yarn you will like. and use a #9 or #10 needle, cast on 20-24 stitches and then just knit, knit, knit. after about 6 rows you should be able to tell if the scarf will be wide enough. if you think it needs to be wider-- start over again and cast on 2-4 more stitches. If too wide, start again with fewer stitches cast on. for length, i like really long scarves, so take his height and add 1 foot more.
have fun

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You can always borrow knitting or crochet books from the local library or college library. There's plenty of free info online, including the following which has some video clips:

Here is a link that might be useful: Knitting help

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I am a crocheter - did some knitting but never took the time to perfect it. Crocheting seems to go faster but uses more yarn. I rather spend money on the yarn and finish sooner! You could use a very simple stitch

I am currently using the Sweet Stripes for a baby blanket so I guess it depends on the colors you selected if it is too babyish. If you bought the Splash - blue/green combo I think you are fine. I think the blue/white should be OK but the others signal "baby" to me (maybe others think differently).

Another option is using Homespun from LionBrand since it is very soft yarn and a mixture of colors to add some richness to the scarf. They have some patterns for "short" scarves using only one skien and a few others also. Check their site and they also have instructions posted on how to knit/crochet.

There is one major drawback for a new knitter/crocheter in using either sweet stripes or homespun - they are a curly/wavy type of yarn and it is harder to distinguish where the stitch actually is. I think a smooth yarn is easier for a beginner and would suggest using a sport weight if you want a light, softer scarf. A solid color is easier to work with for a beginner but the Bernat Softee Baby in Baby Denim Marls has just a hint of color so it is easy enough to work with. I like the His Jeans Ombre but even ombres are harder for beginners. Guess it really depends on whether you have a live resource to help you if you get stuck. Keep the first one simple and then build up your skills.

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How about a ripple pattern. I crocheted a bath set in 2 bold colors for my son-in-law last year and my daughter says he uses them all the time. You could start with one color for a few rows and them switch to the 2nd color for the same amount of rows, then back to the 1st color, etc., and make it as long as you want. Crocheting is quicker than knitting. Use a medium size needle, perhaps a F or G. It won't curl on the edges and it will be plenty warm too.

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