free knitting classes at our local library

huggybear_2008September 24, 2008

Not sure if any of the beginners know that some of libraries give free lessons.. Ours in Downtown Cincinnati, Ohio gives them from 3:00pm until 6:00pm on Saturdays.. I am going to check it out this weekend.. I crochet, and I do a little knitting, but sometimes I feel I am not knitting correctly and want to learn the correct way and what the heck the price is right.. I will let you all know.. in mean time some of your newbies may want to check out this source..


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I have found over the years that there are more than one way to do almost everything. For example, casting on--I do it the way my mom did, but there are so many ways to do it. I just stick with my tried and true method and am happy with it. Even the basic stitches can be done continental or by throwing. Others combine the two methods or their own versions for their way to knit. And then there are buttonholes--lots of ways to do those. Enjoy, ask and observe.

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I like to go to my local branch and knit or sew just to get out of the house and be somewhere quiet with very little distraction (like my annoying nosy neighbor that calls me 5 times a day). Maybe I should suggest a knitting group there!


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Rebecca, that sounds like a wonderful idea.. maybe you can get other classes started there too for other..just not your nosy neeighbor..LOL

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My friend Lisa, who is an assistant librarian at our library, taught free knitting and crochet classes last year. I wonder if they are going to start up again this was nice to go and knit with the other ladies.


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