working with 2 strands of yarn

pauline13September 26, 2009

I haven't knitted in over 30 years and was never an expert. I have decided to to knit a cable throw. The pattern calls for working with 2 strands of yarn throughout. I noticed when casting on that it is difficult to keep the strands from twisting around each other. Is this a problem? Am I supposed to keep the strands flat? If so, any tricks for doing so?

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You need a knitting bobbin. These are tools you wind the wool on and they clip the wool short. You may have to untangle a short piece but not the whole ball. like you will have to do with both balls just loose.

I have small ones that I bought for making picture sweaters, but you can make one or 2 with a piece of plastic or cardboard and small bag clips. I suggest you cut the cardboard like an I so the ends hold on the wool.

Wind on the wool and clip the knitting end of the yarn not being used to the cardboard with the bag clip. You will still have to unwind the length from the knitting to the bobbin every couple of rows, but it's better than both balls being tangled.

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Just keep doing what you are doing. Pretend they are one strand and ignore the twisting. The one thing you do need to pay attention to is making sure you pick up both strands as you knit each stitch. I'm glad you have decided to pick up knitting again. Don't worry about being an expert. The only way to improve is to keep working at it.

Tami....who is not an expert, either!

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Tami has given you good advice. Several years ago I knit an afghan for my sister with two strands of worsted combined. It turned outb just beautiful. Don't worry if the strands twist or one sits on top of the other, but do be sure you always knit through the two strands.

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OH SORRY!! I thought you were changing strands when knitting, and my answer was for that.

If you are just knitting both strands together the other posters have it right. After all what is yarn but small threads twisted together. You are just making a a larger yarn by knitting 2 together.

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Thanks everyone. I've always had a tendency to make things more difficult than they need to be. Knitting this afghan will be a lot more fun now.

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