Dal TIle Vein Cut White Vanilla Limestone

MichelleDTJanuary 25, 2012

OM Gosh...just saw this in the recent issue of Builder magazine and thinking this might be a great alternative to wood. Has anyone used this? In the current issue, the floors are beautiful (modern home which is what we are building). We were originally looking at a white or acid washed oak (yep - know wood is diff than stone). This may not be as gray as the oak but wow......4, 6 or 8 x 36 planks.



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Looks lovely on my monitor, but would have to see IRL to really

If you're looking for tile that mimics wood, check out Porcelanosa.
They have an extensive line of high end (the color is is through
and through, not printed), rectified (very little grout needed),
realistic wood-porcelain tile. We have a few samples at home,
which we are considering.

Porcelanosa has showrooms in 11 states.

Here is a link that might be useful: Porcelanosa wood-look tiles

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It's gorgeous! If only I had another bathroom to do :)

Limestone can etch. But if its not a shiny polished surface that's probably not an issue. I have limestone in 3 bathrooms and have had no problems.

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Marble is metamorphic limestone and has undergone heat and pressure to transform into the relatively soft and porous rock that many people cannot live with in their kitchens. If you are someone that cannot live with marble, there is no way you can live with limestone. It etches and stains worse than marble and is much softer than marble.

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Just wanted to say I brought home a sample of this vein cut limestone and it is absolutely gorgeous. I personally could not live with the softness and etching of limestone in my kitchen (or laundry/mud room with matching floors), so I had to pass. But, I was very seriously tempted because it's gorgeous. If you do go with this limestone, I hope you share pictures so I can live vicariously through you.

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Thanks everyone...I have marble in my current home. They were installed 5 years ago (bathroom floors/counters). They looks like new - maybe I don't know what etching looks like and perhaps they are etched and I just don't now it. I was considering this for flooring, not counters. Not into the wood looking tile...we have that at our city condo.

Here is a pic or 2 of these beautiful floors at the New American Home - 2012

Here is a link that might be useful: 2012 NAH - Modern Marvel

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In the pics, it looks very much like the Ocean Beige Travertine from Artistic Tile that we just had that installed in almost our entire downstairs (entryway/FR/guest bedroom).

It is actually Silver Travertine, but apparently there is only one quarry, in one particular area in Italy (and Artistic Tile supposedly has exclusive rights to the quarry?), where it has the beige/brown tones and variations (usually Silver trav is mostly silvery, and shades of grey).

FYI, it is very expensive. Our tile guy passed along a significant discount to us, which had put it in the realm of affordability. Even at that, it cost a lot more than we had originally planned to spend. We decided it was worth it because we knew it was something really special and would look absolutely beautiful (DH fell for it hard the very first time he saw it in the store!).

Here's a pic of the FR during the tile installation:

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@catmom - OHHHH...ur floors are beautiful! I went three tile stores today. Three vendors, three colors. DalTile was a creamy beige tones, Arizona Tile had a silver w/ beige and Artistic had white, gray and silver tones. Artistic was actually honed or polished vein cut carrara marble. Mister fell hard for the white gray and silver tones. $10 sq, ft retail, we will get a discount thru our builder of about 30%. We need about 3800 sq, ft. How long has yours been installed? It is just so cool!


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Thanks MichelleDT! It was installed this past Oct-Nov. We really love it, too! The pic doesn't do it justice (esp since it's not a super clear photo). Ours is definitely honed travertine, not marble. Someone over on Home Dec forum used the same stone/tile for her fireplace surround. Hers might have been the Ocean Blue, rather than Ocean Beige.

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Here's a close-up of our tile:

Lots of variation from tile to tile.

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What a coincidence to see this stone on a GW thread. We were looking at this product to renovate our fireplace surround. It looked to have a lot of understated drama. Sigh. Now we're thinking we will simply delete the fireplace altogether. Goodbye sweet stone!

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That looks remarkably similar to the limestone slab we're using for our new master bath. Vanity and tub deck:

Lighting isn't good here.

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Yep...Breezy...I think it is the more beige toned vein cut. Beautiful. I am willing to forget the "etching" concern. Just too Dammmmmm gorgeous!

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What's the name of the slab and where do you get it from? Our slab yard does not have any like this and we're using white oak marble for the floors and would like a similar slab with a slight variation in color.

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