How to keep scarf edges from turning under?

brightonbornSeptember 28, 2011

I have made a diagonal lace scarf and was told to put a seed stitch border along the sides to prevent pattern from curling under...well I did that and it doesn't help at all. Any suggestion would be most appreciated...

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How many stitches did you allow on each side for the edging? Four is a minimum; five is better. Two or three stitches of seed stitch will do nothing.

A personal opinion: although seed stitch is nice, garter stitch makes a better no-roll edge.

Have you tried blocking the scarf? Depending on the material, blocking can be very helpful, especially on lace patterns.

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Thanks for replying...I did a 4 stitch edge.. because of the lacy nature of this pattern I didn't think a garter stitch would be appropriate,,,the seed border is pretty ...but useless...will go the blocking route...

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One of the nicest looking edges on any project is the i-cord which can be integrated into a pattern very easily.
You leave the last three stitches on the end of the row unknit and just slide them onto your right needle.
Then the very next row you pull that working yarn up and knit those three stitches as usual.
Continue leaving three stitches unknit on the end of each row and then knitting them up, pulling the yarn over to start the first knit stitch on the new row.
This creates the most lovely corded edge so simply.

If my directions are confusing, do a search on knitting an i-cord edge.

It really is simple and easy.

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The best way is to simply slip the first stitch. That will keep it from curling.

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