Lighted crochet hooks

minnie_txSeptember 13, 2012

These are the only kind I use now. I can only find them at Hobby Lobby.

nice to hold in the hand

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These are very interesting. I see the packages says batteries included, but do you know what type of batteries they use? Do you use them because you have vision problems? I will have to check them out at our local Hobby Lobby. Thanks for posting.

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I first got them for the novelty of it but find I like the way they feel in my hand. Sometimes I use the light but not often. They also sell a pack of little batteries.I use the 40% off coupons to buy them. The hooks are around 5.50. The battery pkg says The Knit Lite G3-A
3 in pkg 2.49. Each hook takes 2
Take a look next time you go

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I will be checking these out next trip to HL. That's not a bad price either. I was expecting them to be more. Gotta love the 40% off coupon!

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