If you wear glasses, check out this site!

SunnyCottageSeptember 13, 2012

Not spamming - just sharing a GREAT deal that I recently came across on Facebook. Coastal.com has a promo going where you get your first pair of glasses free. (They advertised on Facebook to use the code FBDEAL at checkout - there is also another code on their website). They have a huge selection of stylish frames to choose from, and you can input your own prescription. Because I wear OTC readers, I just entered my magnification and guessed at the PD number, but my new glasses are perfect. Better than any other OTC pair I've ever purchased, and they only set me back $17! (It's not truly "free", as there are add on charges, but still a fantastic deal!) The "luxury frames" are not included in this offer, but there are still many to select from.

I thought some of my fellow four-eyes might be interested in taking a look.

Here is a link that might be useful: My new glasses

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Thanks! I went to the optometrist on Monday for the first time in years and got a prescription for nighttime driving glasses. I was thinking there had been discussions here about cheap online glasses and was thinking I'd ask....but you beat me to it!

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Zenni Optical is the online place I use and I have had 3 different pairs of glasses and 2 sunglasses from them. I just went today to have my eyes examined to get new glasses. I was talking with one of the gals who fits your frames (She was adjusting one of the pairs I had ordered from Zenni). I was honest and told her that I had not bought them there and would accept responsibility if anything happened to them.) Anyway, she was all for people ordering online if they had all the info for their script that they needed PLUS if the place offered a return policy if there was a problem with the glasses. She also said to make sure you know where the lens are made. Alot of places online she said use China and there are no standards for the lens being shatterproof and if the state where you are buying them from doesn't have restrictions, then you could be endangering your eyes if something hits you in the face. Zenni lens are made in Germany. She said that was a good sign as they are known for the quality of their products. She said she learned all about this as she had recently been on the state liscensing board.

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Are there special nighttime driving glasses?

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

I love zenni too. Dh finally ordered some, Mr. skeptic no longer. He loves his new progressives and sunglasses. I bought another pair of sunglasses.

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Sorry, Graywings -- no, there are no special night glasses, just glasses that I'd only wear at night while driving to help cut down on glare, etc. My daytime vision is acceptable and I don't need a prescription noted on my drivers' license, but I'd see better with glasses at night. I should have made it more clear. That's all.

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