Knit Scarf With Slot

lawmarSeptember 23, 2005

I have been looking all over the place for a knitted scarf pattern for a scarf that has a slot in it so you can thread one end through it and the scarf stays snug. I know I saw one someplace, but I just can't remember where and can't find it. I did find a pattern for a Bow Tie Scarf and it has a slot, but not like the one that I am thinking of, but I finished the bow tie one yesterday and it turned out pretty cute! Think I'll make another one with another color. Anyone know where I can find a pattern for the scarf with a slit? Appreciate your help!

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Good morning.

Is it the Tuck-In or Bow-Knot scarf by Katherine Burgess the one you have knit? That one is pretty isn't it? I have one of those started in alpaca - somewhere. When the weather warmed up in the Spring a few months ago, that knitting got shoved aside. But it is probably just about time to get it out again.

There is a Confetti Neck Wrap at:
It has a slot in it and the yarn used could be substituted, although it doesn't look like it could be snugged up all that close to the neck to prevent drafts.

But ... the Berroco Keyhole Scarflet at the link below could be more along the line of what you are looking for.

Happy knitting!

Here is a link that might be useful: Berroco Keyhole Scarflet

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The one that I just finished is the Bowtie Scarf and it can be found at:

It turned out so cute! I just made it in black acrylic yarn, but I would like to try it in another yarn and color. I'm pretty pleased with it. I will check out the Berrocco Keyhole scarflet though. Thanks!!!

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Just came across another Bow-tie/Slotted Scarf pattern.
It could be very similiar to the Bow-tie one you already have.

Scroll down the page a bit to see the picture and the pattern.
(At least I need to.)

Here is a link that might be useful: Bow-tie/Slotted Scarf

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Yep Jane, that's exactly the pattern that I used. I just ordered some Cashmerino yarn to make another one, first one turned out so cute so I think this pattern is a keeper. The only thing I would do differently is to knit 16 rows of garter on the slit instead of 8 like it says to. All in all though, it's a pretty nifty little scarf.

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Lionbrand has a split scarf I have made a lot of them and they are really easy to do.

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I've used the Lionbrand pattern and it works up very well. If you want the pattern, email me.

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the stitch 'n bi**h book has a pattern for it.

Google 'keyhole scarf' or stich n' bi@*h, and see if that helps.

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Wow! I have that Stitch 'n B Book. I'm going to look it up. Thanks for your tip!

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