sticky crochet hook

quirkpodSeptember 23, 2008

My current project is driving me sorta crazy. The hook doesnt slide thru the yarn smoothly, feels sticky. I dont have anything sticky on my hands at all. I keep cleaning and wiping the hook, and it becomes sticky again almost immediately. What can I do? It may be the yarn that is causing this. It's an acrylic yarn that has been in storage for at least 10 years. Has anyone else experienced this and what can I do? Should I try polishing the hook with something?

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You can try polishing the hook, but it is probably the yarn. Maybe rubbing the hook with some wax paper will help.


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The hook may need a good de-greasing if it's one that you use a lot. Try really hot water and a grease-cutting soap like Dawn. If that doesn't help, then I'd suspect the yarn.


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What is the hook made of before we advise hot water. If it is plastic or metal, try the hot water. If it is wood, don't.

I wonder if the yarn got dirty or soiled in storage. I was given some REALLY old synthetic yarn stored in a box in a garage for decades. It made my hands dirty. I think part of the problem had been that it was made so many years ago that it was not the good quality synthetic we get today. It was an early effort at manufacturing synthetic yarn.

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Another thought here, what kind of hook is it? Some of mine are what I call "stubbyier" where the yarn is supposed to "flow" over the hook, and seems to stick, no matter what I do. I resorted to vintage hooks to eliminate this problem, as the newer ones seem thicker from the hook to the area where I hold it with my fingers. I thought manufacturers would make the hooks the same forever, but not so. If you have some vintage hooks, compare with the newer ones, and you will see what I mean.
Also, have you used this hook before for yarn, or a project, and not had a problem with it at all, or has this been slowly coming on thru this project just started?
Good luck!

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My metal ones sometimes stick too I rub some cornstrch on them and it helps

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I disagree with damascusannie, grease makes yarn or thread slide better, not worse.
I read somewhere that with sticky knitting needles, a person could make the yarn flow more smoothly over them by running them through your hair.
If it works for knitting, maybe it will work for crocheting?

Try my way first and then hers.

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