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Vicki_ILSeptember 10, 2006

Hi again!

You all have been really helpful answering all the questions that I've posted lately and now I've got a couple of more of them. I'm looking for a really easy knitting pattern for an afghan. I'm also looking for some socks for little feet. Not booties but toddler size. The only sock patterns I can find are usually for bigger feet. I appreciate any help I can get especially since I only half know what I'm doing anyway! LOL I love it, though. Like I've been saying - just wish I was half as good as I'd like to be!

Thanks again!

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There's a pattern for infant socks at Maybe you can adjust your gauge and needles to make them for toddler size. They look really cute. My first afghan that I knitted was from a pattern that I got from Lionbrand, it was a ripple afghan made out of blue, cream and green. It turned out really nice and was amazingly easy to make, which for me at that time was important since I had just started knitting. Maybe the pattern is still there.

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Here is another pattern at I actually made these socks and the only thing I did differently was use a larger yarn. They definitely turned out to be toddler size and they were pretty easy to make too.

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