Help What is a knitters blind stitch?

redpennySeptember 11, 2007

Hi I am new to knitting and I bought a knitting machine I just finished my first hat

I want to make a scraf to match and it call for a blind stitch to finish on the scraf pattern after it is machine knitted could some one tell me what this is or have a link that I could see the techinque for the blind stitch.



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First, I want to say congratulations on your new knitting machine and the nice hat you've made. As for the blind stitch, there are several stitches that are referred to as blind stitches. Basically, it is just a way of sewing two pieces of fabric together (such as a hem) so that no stitch is seen from either side, except for the tiny thread where you catch the fabric. Google "blind stitch" and you should come up with lots of help.

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I did goggle blind stitch but all I get is for sewing fabric by sewing machine that is why I posted here in knitting.

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Cute hat!

Is this a hem you sew up (as opposed to just binding off)? If so, there are plenty of instructions -- there's one in link below for a hand-sewn blind stitch. If it's a special knitting stitch, I've never heard of it, but I'm not the world's most experienced knitter, either, and I don't know anything about knitting machines. The sewn stitch is a good one for stretchy fabrics so that might be what they mean. If not, maybe the website of the pattern maker will have more information? Good luck, and happy knitting!

Here is a link that might be useful: blind stitch (scroll to bottom)

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The site that Carol Ann posted is one of the ones I found last night as well, and is the type of stitch I was referring to.

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.Thank You I know it is done something like the Mattress

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When doing a google search, it isn't enough to put just in a you discovered, "blind stitch" gave you a lot of sewing info, when what you wanted was knitting. Thus, you need to use the modifying + after your subject. In this case you should have used "blind stitch" +knitting as the entire subject....this would only have given you sites where the words blind stitch AND knitting were included. You may also modify with a - this will NOT give you any 'hits' that contain the - word...such as
"blind stitch" +knitting -sewing that should have NOT given you sites that contained sewing but the ones that DO contain knitting. Using the modifying - or + will greatly improve the quality of the hits you get when doing a google!

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