Bryant Extended Labor Warranty

junkmailholdMay 27, 2010

I'm hoping some of you are Bryant experts and can tell me how long after the purchase of a new system that you can still buy the official Bryant extended labor warranty?

I bought my system last Sept and was told then by my installer than I can buy any time up to the expiration of the included labor warranty (which is 1 year). Well, now when I tried to get a quote from them to buy the labor warranty, they said that Bryant recently changed their policy to only allow purchase within 90 days of install of a new system!

I feel totally ripped off here. If this is really true, I think Bryant should allow me to buy due to the fact that I bought my system BEFORE they implemented this policy. I was never notified of this, so how can they change the rules in the middle of the game? On the other hand, if this is a scam by my installer, I would like to get something official from Bryant to call them on their scummy tactics!

Does anyone have any official ties to Bryant that can get the real scoop for me??

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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It seems as if many dealers really do not want to sell extended warranties. My best guess is that they would rather have the ability to charge at their discresion rather than be locked into an agreed upon labor rate with Bryant directly. When I was getting competitive bids from various Bryant Dealers their quotes were all over the place. A few tried to tell me that you could only get the warranty if you agree upon an annual service contract in various amounts. My installer will not return my call regarding the extended warranty purchase. I am about to call Bryant directly and see if I can get it from them or another Authorized Bryant dealer. I have been consistantly told that the extended warranty can be purchased up to 90 days. I don't know if the warranty regulations are differant in differant states but ClassicDave in Florida would be be the man to ask. One thing you can count on with Dave is an honest answer.

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I know exactly what you mean. It took months just to get a return call from my installer. I got the same feeling as you mentioned that it doesn't seem like they want to sell the extended Bryant warranty.

Yeah, classicdave has been a great resource for me in the past. Hope he sees this message and gives us an answer. Please also let me know how it goes with Bryant directly. Thanks again!

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It is correct what the dealer told you.
Bryant and Carrier changed their extended labor warranties to be only 90 days after purchase. This was changed I believe in March. They did this because the 10 year part warranty has to be submitted with in 90 days also.
I guess they decided to require extended labor to have the same time of 90 days to make it easier on the processing. I have no idea why they cut the time for submitting extended labor warranties down to 90 days but it is no way the contractor dealer/installers fault.

Now for how it works for a dealer in my state, a dealer has 3 or 4 levels.
But first a dealer must register with the state to even sell extended labor warranties on behalf of Bryant. This may be why a dealer does not mention an extended labor warranty because they are not registered to sell them. Every state is different so I don't know.

For me, It starts with $75 labor rate and goes up to I believe $140 what ever labor rate the dealer has with bryant can effect the cost of the labor warranty. Most of us go with the minimum $75 labor rate to reduce the cost of the labor warranty. In my state we can not over charge for the policy and the policy is governed by the state of Florida and Bryant. 10yr labor warranty on a system in Fl is $525. Accessories are extra, like purifiers, UV lighting ect...

Your installer should not take months or even days to return your call. That to me is very upsetting!

On the positive side,
Bryant is quality, and I haven't had too many issues with the equipment.
Next if you happened to get a good bryant dealer who cares about their customers,
Like with my company I always give my customer a price break with an extremely reduced labor for the life of the systems I install so maybe your installer will do the same.

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Thanks for the validation classicdave! But now my question is this... how do I go about things in my situation? I bought the system in Sept of last year when I was told I have a year to decide on the extended labor warranty. I did register for my 10 year parts warranty soon after, so that part is good. But now they changed the rules in March according to you.... even had I found out about this change in March, I would have already been over 90 days from my date of install. So in both cases, I am now not able to get an official Bryant extended warranty. Do they have some grace period or grandfathering in exception for people like me who fell right in the middle of their change? If they don't it seems like I am getting screwed in this process. You'd think they would let me but one at least if I am within 90 days of their rule change...

I would like the official Bryant extended labor warranty and not just a local installer one just in case they go out of business or something unforeseen happens to them. Also, do you know if we can buy them from other dealers or directly from Bryant??? Or does it have to come from the installing dealer?

Thanks for your help classicdave!

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The warranty, needs to come from the installer, since they installed the system.
The labor warranty then could be transferred to a different Factory Authorized Dealer if the said company fails to perform or goes out of business.

I will ask Bryant and see what they tell me, But I think they said it ended in March for people who bought last year.

With a part warranty you can use anyone to repair the parts then you just have to pay them a labor rate. So you can shop around if need be, you are not stuck with the installer to do the part warranty.
A labor warranty is insurance and peace of mind but in most cases we all hope it will never be used. Y

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thanks for the info..i`m getting a bryant boiler installed in 2 weeks....if i can not purchase one from my local gas company offers a service agreement on most parts and labor..24x7 service for 99 a yr.....hasn`t gone up in 30 yrs...

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Just bought a house. During the inspection the old furnace died and the seller was forced to replace it. He had asked us for money towards repair or replacement but we said no since the inspector had said it was ancient (1985), on its last leg and would have died during the first year anyway.

The seller installed a Bryant and left the manual but not the name of the installer.

Before we closed we asked his real estate agent to ask him for the name of the HVAC Co./guy who installed it. No response.

I'm glad he left the manual but I want a warranty. Perhaps even an extended warranty.

Is there a way to track the installer by the model number on the unit?

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