York Bid: What do the numbers mean?

covingtoncatMay 2, 2009

I've been reading this forum for a couple of weeks now, trying to learn what I can for a furnace replacement with the addition of cooling. Thought we'd go straight AC but are now leaning toward a HP instead. I've received bids from 5 or 6 different reps, all different product lines and we are leaning towards the York representative. He had recommended the following for our two-story 2,800 sq. ft house (in the Seattle, WA area): 4 Ton HP & Coil/Gas furnace:

Basic Package

95% AFUE, YG9S100C16MP11 furnace

Cased Coil FC60C3XN1 w/York TXV Kit and lineset

Honeywell Programmable T-Stat (no model # provided)

4 ton 13 SEER HP #THGD48S41S1

Furnace Options: Affinity 95% modulating, Multi-Speed Furnace #YP9C100C16MP11

(additional $750)

Affinity 95% modulating, Variable Speed Furnace (same model # listed) for an additional $1,450

HP Options: 13 SEER YZB04811 (+$795), 15 SEER YZE04811 (+13335) and 18 SEER YZH0411 (+2,085).

I have info brochures on the Affinity Furnaces and the HPs, but I can't find any info on the Basic Package equipment. Can someone please share their options on this equipment and tell me what the 100C16MP11 means? I'm guessing 100 btu's? Other than that I'm lost. Any advice or suggestion are much appreciated.

Also, their will be some additional ductwork to bring a return air vent upstairs to the second story (currently, there isn't one).

Much obliged.

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I might be able to help you a little. I just went thru this process with York (although I bought a Coleman).

Here's a link to the York web site where you can do some model research http://www.york.com/Products/Unitary/

I don't see a YGS9S model in their current offering but I do see a TG9S model which is a 95% single stage furnace. The 100 in the model number does equate to 100,000 BTU's. The 16 is short for 1600 CFM rating of the blower.

The THGD4 HP is part of their Latitude series of equipment, basically an entry model.

On the Affinity side not sure why you have the same model # with two different price points. The YP9C is the top of the line. It is the modulating and ECM motor (variable speed). Perhaps the other 95% modulating model is the YM9M which is a single speed motor.

Unfortunately the $1700 rebate (for the YP9C & YZH HP combo) just ended 04/30. York was also offering a free extended 10 year parts/labor warranty.

In my case I also looked at the Coleman units and got a better price (and a better contractor). They are exactly the same product, made in the same factory. York, Coleman and Luxaire are all made by Johnson Controls (York Unitary). If you liked the York do yourself a favor and get a competitive quote from a Coleman or Luxaire dealer, especially now that the rebates are over.

Not sure about Yorks entry or mid lines but the Affinity (Echelon in Coleman speak) YP9C and YZH models are truly top of the line.

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Actually... the THGD is part of the new LX serier of condensers. It is by no means entry level equipment and actually is mid tier. It has the the "Microchannel" all aluminum coil set in the Affinity's outer body casing. Very nice equipment. Have installed 5 or 6 this year and are very pleased with them.

The 100 in the model number of the gas furnace means that the unit is designed for 100,000 btu imput of gas, not output. The output is denoted by what % the unit is... IE: older 80% furnaces used 100,000 btu's of supplied gas but only put 80,000btu's worth of heat in your home, hence 80%.

The $1,700.00 rebate applies to certain equipment combinations... Basically your most efficient equipment. The rebates are still in effect until June 15th 2009 and are nation wide. There are other rebates available as well, so please find a local dealer that knows.

Hope this helps

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Thank you both for you comments and suggestions. IIRC, the "basic" unit was referred to as the Cube, if that makes any difference. Is there a particular t-stat you would recommend if I went for the Affinity upgrade vs. the "basic"? There is a pretty significant price jump between the two Affinity furnace models. Is the variable speed worth the difference over the multi-speed? Ditto the YZE and YZH HP's? I would like to take advantage of as much of the rebates as possible and would be willing to go for the most efficient if it makes financial sense. For example, if I went with the right combo, the $1700 would almost cover the upgrade to the YZH (ditto the YP9C). It would be pricey to do both, but it would seem foolish to walk away from the rebate opportunity.


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The "Cube" he is referning to ... i believe... is the basic condensing unit. The Microchannel Cube. It's compact design denotes the name but it is a wonderful unit.

The mid-tier unit i was talking about is known as the LX series. Better case construction.

And then there is the Affinity unit. Top of the line.

Hope this helps

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Thanks for the clarification. I have emailed about the manufacture rebates and the thermostat model. In your opinion is it worth the extra $$$ to go for the variable speed over the modulating in the Affinity Units? And also the YZH (18 SEER) over the YZE (15) considering the rebates?

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I personally would rather have the variable speed ... i could care less how my gas valve modulates open & close as long as i have heat when i need it. I also live in S.Texas where we use the a/c 10 months (sometimes more) out of the year. Variable speed offers quieter operation, better humidity control & never seem to go out. Mine in my home has been here since 95 and i have never had a problem with it.

Usually when it comes to super high efficient units, i'll tell you what i tell my customers. The higher the efficiency, the more you will spend on equipment. When you get into the 16 & 18 seer stuff, the actual savings per month on your electric bill for a 18 seer VS a 16 seer unit isnt going to be very much. I can't quote actual figures because of the difference in electricity cost around the country. Here where i am, you will probably save around $7.00 to $10.00 per month. Thats not a whole lot when you consider the 18 seer will probably be around $1,000.00 more than the 16 seer so your payoff will be a good ways off.

If York was not offering such good rebates, i would stick with something around a 16 seer & var.spd furnace myself.

Just all depends on what your looking for.

Hope this helps

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That's pretty much what I was thinking, too re: 16 v. 18 SEERS, but it would also depend on what rebates (if any) where available and how that would play against the cost differences. Is there any specific T-stat I should request or avoid if I go for the Affinity variable speed instead of the modulating?

Many thanks.

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At least the Honeywell 8000 series and even the Honeywell IAQ.

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Still no word as of close of business today. I was really interested in hearing what rebates would be available, but it doesn't look as if we'll be moving forward with this vendor. How long do you think is a reasonable amount of time to hear back?

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Call them back. Go by their office. Talk to the owner. There are certain "Levels" of dealers... he could just be the basic dealer which would be a Liberties dealer and this would allow him to sell all the equipment but not offer any of the rebates, have access to the York database..stuff like that. I am a Liberties Plus dealer which gives me all those extra benefits.

I would go to Yorks dealer search and maybe find another dealer if the one you are thinking about now doesn't come thru.

I have included the dealer search at the bottom.

Hope this helps

Here is a link that might be useful: York dealer search

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Thanks for the link. He is on the list. Coincidentially, I heard from him today and he is a basic dealer (sells and installs other lines as well, mostly for commercial applications). He is not a Gold Star Dealer. So I can't count on any rebates. Too bad. I'm very interested in the product and he was #1 on my list, but the lack of rebates makes his bid much less competitive. I can give you the particulars, but would prefer to keep it private. Feel free to send me an email if you'd like more info.

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Just a note of clarification... The UPG outdoor products (York, Luxaire, and Coleman) that you have been discussing, specifically the THGD products are Heat Pump products. These units contain Copper tube/Aluminum fin outdoor coils. The cooling only units (TCGD) contain the Microchannel outdoor coils. One other thing, the biggest difference between the 15 SEER affinity outdoor product and the 18 SEER Affinity products is the Outdoor Fan Motor. on the 15 it is a PSC motor, and on the 18 it is an ECM motor. One thing to note.. they are exactally the same appearance and size, however the 18 SEER units do seem to be a touch quieter, which is a pretty good thing since the 15 SEER Affinity products are already some of the quietest.. if not THE quietest units out there. Lastly, about the indoor products (furnaces). I would highly recommend the modulating furnace. they are quite effecient, and since most of the time your furnace is NOT constantly running as your home would only require a small amount of heat to bring it to confortable... you would certainly save gas and be able to maintain a more constant comfort level with a modulating furnace (however, I would save the money and go with a single stage if you are going to do a H/P as well). As for the cost difference between the PSC motored unit and the ECM unit.. ECM is just another slightly better way to improve airflow through your house improving comfort. as they will run slightly more than the PSC.. but at a lower varied speed keeping the heated air moving through the house helping to minimize or eliminate "cold spots", also helping keep the thermostat from calling for heat as often. Also the ECM motor is a fraction more energy effecient. Final thoughts on the new York/Coleman furnaces, they ARE quiet. I know for a fact, they are quieter than the competition. HANDS DOWN.

Personally I have a TG9S (single stage) furnace. I really like it.. is quite a bit cheaper than the modulating.. and a whole lot less complexity built into it, and don't forget.. it IS 95.5% AFUE. sorry about being so long winded here.

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Great info being shared here.
I am looking for more details on the York Latitude 33 TG9S furnace. I have various quotes for York and Carrier furnaces. In Massachusetts there are currently some attractive rebates from the gas companies. I would like more specs on the York I mention. In particular I am looking for if this model has a Electronically Commutated Motor (ECM) or not.
Thank you,

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