acrylic yarn--cold ? wash

sheilajoyce_gwAugust 4, 2008

I bought some reduced acrylic dk or sport yarn. The brand name is Accord, and the care instructions say to wash in cold water and tumble dry. Now, why can't I wash it in warm water?????

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I can't imagine that you could tumble dry and NOT wash it in warm water. I'm stumped.

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I agree, it's not like it can shrink or anything. Maybe this yarn pills less if washed in cold?


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doesn't make any sense to me either but I try to wash whatever I can in cold water - rare for me to use warm, never use hot - except in the dishwasher :-)

since my son is an environmental scientist he started us on many campaigns since junior high (he is now 32) to cut back on many things and change the way we do things and change some of our purchasing habits also. Water temp was one that we were able to do easily without major problems -- try washing in cold water and I am sure your project will be fine

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