pineapple scarf

ladybugloveAugust 30, 2009

Hi I found this great scarf for free on the my little city girl web site thought I would share and ask for some help the picture on the website showes the scarf with a crochet pineapple pin but unfortunatly it does not come with the instructions for the scarf . I wrote to the site and asked if they had a pattern for the pineapple pin but unfortunatly they do not I was hopeing some one has a simmilar pattern or is creative enough to make up apattern they would be willing to share. by the way the scarf makes up amzingly and is so easy.

Here is a link that might be useful: pineapple scarf

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There's a spot a little further down the page where you can download the pattern for the scarf in PDF format.

I love pineapple patterns. Thanks for link.

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thankyou have done that the pdf does not include instructions for the pin unfortunatly. the pin is what i would liketo make to finish off my scarf. I am just not creative enough to make up one on my own LOL

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It doesn't look to me like the pin is crocheted.

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If you read the posts below the pattern someone commented on the pin and she stated if she had time she would write the pattern out. Mary

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