help on facial features

skidooprncessAugust 6, 2008

I am crocheting the "Bears on my Blanket" pattern from Mary Maxim. The instructions say to "sew all facial features on head and muzzle" (i.e. eyes and nose). I am TREMENDOUSLY terrible at this. the eyes come out looking like lopsided crosses between circles, squares and triangles. Does anyone have any suggestions? I hate to use felt, as I don't want anything that a baby can pull off. I have been crocheting for 31 years and STILL have a problem with this!!!!!!

Any help/suggestions would be appreciated as right now I am at a standstill until i can figure this out.

Thanks, and happy crocheting!

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How about doing French Knots for the eyes? Haven't tried
French Knots yet so don't know how it would come out!
Here are instructions if needed:
Hope this helps and good luck.

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Thank you - i will give it a try - what do i have to lose? I already have to cut out the stitching i previously did, so if I have to cut out another, no biggie. Appreciate it.

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I made this blanket for my grandson, it took awhile to get the feel, but just did little circles . start with a chain 3, then do some single crochets in a circle to get the right size. If you want the eyes larger, do a second round. I played with it, have fun. Mine is unique in its own way, I lined the back of it in white fleece, and embroidered something special on it for my grandson. It will be treasured for years... have fun with it!!!Need any more help, let me know....

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Thanks pandora - did you use just a chain for sleeping bear (his eyes are "closed")
You can go to my page and email me - may be easier that way!

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