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bug42362August 10, 2008

Hi...I have just taken up knitting, and successfully completed 2 scarves. I have just started a baby afghan on circular needles, it had 5 rows of just knit stitch then started a simple 4 row pattern that is repeated. Here is my question, I had completed about 5 repeats of the 4 row pattern, stopped working for a week or so and picked up work again. After finishing 2 repeats of the 4 row pattern and put my work down to cook dinner, when I picked it back up and look at all the work it looks like the last 2 repeats are in reverse of the previous did this happen on a circular needle ( what did I do for this to happen0???? Any help would be appreciated, thanks

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You probably started knitting with the wrong needle in yoyur right hand and changed the direction you were going. Be sure that when you are using circular needles that the needle in your right hand has the working end of the yarn coming off the stitch next to the right needle's tip. You probably put that needle in your left hand and started knitting away, thus reversing direction.

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