Suggestions For 10 a.m. Meeting?

amck2April 4, 2014

Tomorrow morning the GC & kitchen designer (our first time meeting her) who will be hatching the plan for my kitchen remodel will meet with us at 10 a.m. here at our home. I'd like to have something to offer with coffee or tea. It shouldn't be fussy or require silverware. Just a little something appropriate for mid morning.


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I would have muffins or cookies.

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Actually, the question is whether you want them to feel sorry for you and want you to have a kitchen you can make fabulous things in, or if you want to impress them with how good your baking is now and how much better it'll be with a new kitchen.

But berries are guilt free and good for those who need a sugary pick me up as well as those who aren't really hungry. And they're luxurious without being fussy.

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How about easy Cognac Fruit Dip with beautiful strawberries; it is strawberry season. 6 ounces cream cheese
ý cup confectioners sugar, unsifted
4 ounces marshmallow crème
ý cup sour cream
1 teaspoons vanilla extract
1 teaspoons almond extract
1 teaspoons cinnamon
2 tablespoons cognac (to taste)

In small bowl of electric mixer, cream the cheese until soft and smooth. Add the confectioners sugar and beat until well-blended. Add the sour cream and the rest of the ingredients. Blend just until well-combined. Cover and chill several hours before serving.

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A nice not too sweet cookie. Perhaps biscotti. Or some small cheese scones or biscuits if you would prefer to go savory.

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No suggestions, but I am excited for you. Hope it goes very well!

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

I'd buy something at the local grocery store bakery that looks good. Don't sweat it. Something like ....Doughnuts! and some strawberries....

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I agree on the scones and I'd love biscotti, it gives people a reason to "dunk" when they otherwise would not.

That said, the berries are a healthier alternative, in case someone is gluten free or dieting, etc.

I might even have both, some lovely fresh fruit and biscotti, yummy.

And, of course, it's too late now, so what DID you have?


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Homemade mini quiche, bakery filled crescents, strawberries, coffee and juice. There are many good recipes for mini quiche. They can be served warm or at room temp.

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Thank you for all the great suggestions. I will keep them in mind for next time we meet to go over final layouts. But I am sorry to say I didn't make/serve any of them today - just coffee.

We had to drive DD to the airport last evening & it was late when we returned. Too late to start baking and DH persuaded me that the folks we were meeting with on a Sat. morning would likely have had breakfast by 10am & were probably more eager to tackle business & move on to enjoying their weekend than in socializing over food. I could see his point.

However, I wish I'd followed my instincts on this one and it's a lesson learned. My GC & his partner had been at another site for an estimate earlier. Our meeting lasted nearly 2 hrs. I think it would have been very appropriate to have had scones or biscotti or fruit bars to offer them with coffee. Regardless of whether or not they'd have chosen to have them, I wish I'd made the effort.

The good news is that we all clicked, so I know there will be an opportunity for a do-over.

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amck, I'm glad, at least, that you all "clicked", and there will be more time to meet.

As for me, well, things always go better over coffee and a snack!


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Yeah, glad that went well. That can be stressful. My neighbors just had their counters installed after a total gut kitchen renovation.

I've learned that lesson after failing to have something quick to pull together. I keep a few things in the freezer...mixed nuts, always pistachios, something mildly sweet, something savory. I thought of biscotti also. Did not make that this year, last holiday.
I do have empanadas, savory and sweet. Always have cheeses, fruit, and some meats and smoked fish and breads i can thaw, slice thin and toast.

I took a platter over to see the new counters and it was appreciated. Still waiting for appliance hook-up and no water she has not been able to cook for three months! (with three kids under 10) yikes.
I'm sure you've thought about what you will do about meals if you are going for a full renovation. So worth it though after all the inconveniences. Good luck and good that you 'clicked' !

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I echo the advice about freezing! Do load up your freezer before the remodel with all kinds of food you've cooked, to eat during the remodel. And if your freezer isn't big enough, it's worth investing in an inexpensive one to get you through. ;) Then you can also stash away your good baking---and the things that nice people bring you--to be able to serve "And" with coffee, or just as a pick me up for the family. My mother always had a pie in the freezer for just such a case, and I try to do that too, though right now I just have cookies and bread pudding...

Congrats on finding a team who speak your language.

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