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sheilajoyce_gwAugust 30, 2006

Well, my youngest son is now all settled into his second year of law school. Therefore, I can finally plan a school colors muffler type scarf for him. I am going to make a scarf which will be stripes of all the school colors from each school he has attended in order. Preschool, elementary, two middle schools (we opened a new one), high school, bachelor's degree, master's degree and now law school. My design problem is that we live along the coast, and soooo many of the schools use blue for the ocean as their color. Even so, I think I will make the stripes in the order that he went to each school, and so some blues and whites or blues and yellows will be repeated. Interestingly, I called his law school last year. Officially they do not have a school color, but I was told all their pamphlets and letterhead use a kahki, so that will be what I will use. I sure hope he likes it. Have not decided if I will crochet the stripes the length of the scarf or knit wide stripes across the width of the scarf.

Has anyone knit a scarf in ribbing the entire length? Or maybe I should use a circular needle and make a tube type of scarf for added sturdiness. Cannot decide what to do.

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What a lovely thing to do! I am sure it will bring back memories for him.
If you are using worsted weight yarn, knitting a tubular scarf would produce an incredibly bulky item. Last year I made several "Harry Potter"-type scarves for young (and not-so-young) friends, and got the best results by using a straight k1, p1 ribbing, always slipping the first stitch. The ribbing contracts to look almost stockinette-like, yet has a nice, thick "hand". I cast on 40-48 stitches, depending on the size of the recipient. The weight of your yarn and your personal knitting gauge, as well as the size of your needles will also play a part- but do not obsess about it - it's a SCARF, not a finely fitted sweater!

Good luck with the knitting (or crocheting, if you so decide), and to your son in his pursuit of life in the Judicial system.

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I think that is such a sweet thing to do. I'd like to suggest the brioche stitch. It is a ribbed stitch, but not as tight as a regular rib. I used it for several scarves for myself last year. It gives a bit more texture to the piece and isn't as tight as a regular rib, thereby making the scarf a bit softer. It's also very simple to do. Do check it out. We must see pictures, dear.

Here is a link that might be useful: Brioche

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Ok, here is the color pattern in order of school attended:
Preschool--navy blue and red
elementary--light blue and gold
1st middle school--royal blue and yellow
2nd middle school--teal and purple
high school--teal, black and white
BA--university--medium blue and gold
MAuniveristy--purple and white
law school--kahki

I think I will make about 6 inches per color, and then I will have an 8 foot scarf for my tall son. I will have to use worsted as I cannot find all those colors in sport yarn, especially the kahki and the teal, I fear.

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WOW!! No matter what clothes he wears, EVER, that scarf will match! You do realize that you will be creating an heirloom, don't you? It will need a presentation box, to keep it nice between wearings and for storage, and you will have to create a list to go with it, with the proper names of the schools he attended and the years. Information like that is so easily forgotten ..

This is a terrific idea! My grandchildren are only in elementary school, but I will make inquiries about the school colors ASAP, and start saving yarn. Thanks, sheilajoyce!

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I don't think he will think of it as an heirloom. I made him one for just graduate school. I avoided the bright purple and did it all in white. His initials in relief on one end and the school logo (the torch of knowledge) in relief on the other end. He tells me he saves that one and never wore it--and would have loved it in purple even moreso. Never can tell!

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